In response to the COVID-19 update on policies and procedures it is our hope to have a positive dialogue when working with our residential students. Our goal is to ensure a healthy environment whenever possible.  As a result when reports are submitted, or we wish to discuss a situation regarding policies and procedures we will follow this philosophy for communication:

 Engage        Educate        Adjudicate


Reporting violations:
Report a student code of conduct violation, including roommate issues, and concerns regarding the safety and well-being of the residential community to Student Conduct Services. Please remember that it is always safer to report than to not report.  

Report a Student of Concern:
Report a student of concern. Student Support Services is a campus-wide initiative that provides assistance for students who are struggling at New College. The purpose is to connect students with appropriate resources in response to reports of concerning behavior. It will help students proactively recognize and address individual challenges that may hinder their success at New College of Florida.

Report a Title IX Violation:
Report a Title IX violation.

Submit a Written Complaint
Attempts to resolve issues and concerns informally at the grass-roots level are more likely to result in a timely resolution.  Because of this, students are strongly encouraged to begin their pursuit of an informal resolution by having a face-to-face meeting with the faculty member, supervisor, or other person in the area where the concern has arisen.  The online Campus Directory lists contact information for all NCF faculty and staff.

Students are also encouraged to contact the Ombudsperson ( for assistance with informal, impartial, and non-adversarial alternatives for the resolution of conflict.  The Ombudsperson, guided by the principles of independence, neutrality, confidentiality, and informality, directs students toward appropriate College resources and facilitates discussion to identify the best options to resolve problems.

If a student believes a published policy or procedure has been violated or applied unfairly — or if informal means have not resolved a student’s dissatisfaction with a decision, policy, or circumstance — a student may file a formal written student complaint.

Submit a written student complaint here.