First-Year Student Housing

I.M. Pei Residence Halls

Most first-year students are required to live in the Pei Residential Complex. These three buildings, which were designed by the internationally renowned architect I.M. Pei and formally named Bob Johnson Hall, Peggy Bates Hall, and Elaine & Harvey Rothenberg Hall, are often referred to as Pei 1st Court, 2nd Court, and 3rd Court.

The Pei residence halls accommodate more than 250 students in double and triple occupancy rooms, each with its own private bathroom. Community kitchen lounges are located in 2nd Court and 3rd Court. A shared laundry room is located in 2nd Court. The outdoor Palm Court around which the rooms are grouped is a focus of New College student life. Pei rooms measure approximately 15′ x 15’ and some feature covered porches or large balconies. The buildings’ clustered construction, communal spaces and orientation around Palm Court afford residents a strong sense of community.

The CIVITAS Living Learning Community (LLC) is located in Pei 3rd Court.


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apartment-style residence halls

Dort and Goldstein Residence Halls

The Dallas & Elizabeth Dort and Ann & Alfred Goldstein Residence Halls provide accommodations for approximately 150 students in apartment-style suites, each including its own living room, kitchenette and bathroom facilities. The Dort and Goldstein Residence Halls are located near the Fitness Center on the Pei Campus. The apartment bedrooms in this area are approximately 12′ x 9′ and are either three or four bedrooms.

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Pritzker Residence Hall (Z Dorm)

The Rhoda Pritzker Residence Hall, commonly referred to as Z Dorm because of its alphabetical designation in the original architectural plan, offers urban-style apartment accommodations. Each apartment includes its own eat-in kitchen, common area, and a suite bathroom. Common spaces include an open-air lounge and amphitheater, as well as the popular outdoor space known as Z-Green.

The Sustainable Living and Writing LLC are located in Pritzker Hall.

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Lodge-style residence halls

V – Residence Halls, W – Peterson, X – Searing, and Y Residence Halls (Letter Dorms)

The Lee & Bob Peterson Residence Hall, Ulla R. Searing Residence Hall, and the unnamed V and Y residence halls are lodge-style structures that feature studio, two- and three-bedroom apartments, each with its own kitchenette and bathroom. The halls feature a dramatic two-story floor plan with central common areas, timbered ceilings, and a keyless entry system. These side-by-side residence halls are sometimes called “Letter Dorms” because they were originally designated as V, W, X, and Y Dorms before two were officially named. The apartment bedroom sizes are approximately 12′ x 9′.

V Residence Hall is home to the Pride LLC.

W Peterson Hall is home to the Health & Wellness LLC.

X Searing Hall is home to the Global Village LLC.

Y Residence Hall is home to the Performing Arts LLC.

Z Residence Hall – east – is home to the Writing LLC.

Z Residence Hall – west – is home to the Sustainability LLC.

Z Residence Hall second west – is home to the Outdoor Adventure LLC.

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palmer B Dormitory

B Dorm

Located on our historic Bayfront campus, Palmer B Dormitory, which is usually referenced as “B Dorm”, houses 32 students in single bedrooms with common lounges and bathrooms. Because of its somewhat secluded location on campus, B Dorm is popular among thesis students and is known for the community spirit that develops among its residents. Bedrooms come in two sizes: approximately 12′ x 8′ and 16′ x 12.’


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