Living Learning Communiteies

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide unique environments where select groups of students share common residential and learning experiences.

Theme-based housing options

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide unique environments where select groups of students share common residential and learning experiences. Based on disciplinary and interdisciplinary themes, LLCs create intentional links between academic, social, and residential experiences.


  • Living with students who share similar interests, passions, and challenges
  • Access to peers for study groups, mentoring and leadership experience
  • Interest-based on-campus programming
  • Opportunities for exploring off-campus resources
  • Collaborative academic opportunities
  • Networking prospects
  • Global community development
  • Each of our Living Learning Communities is staffed by full-time professional administrators who work collaboratively with faculty, staff, and residents. Together this team integrates both professional and personal interests to enhance the academic and social experience here at New College.

Admission Process

It is an honor and privilege to be a member of a Living Learning Community. Spaces are limited. Priority is given to students who demonstrate a commitment to academic success, intellectual curiosity, civic engagement and lifelong learning. A letter of interest outlines why students wish to participate and any previous experience should be accompanied with the housing application.

Located in Searing Hall (building X). Open to all NCF students

Looking for a way to enhance your global experience? Members of the Global Village have the opportunity to live with students who share a desire to learn more about international travel, culture and the global community. We encourage exchange students, as well as, NCF students to share their cultural differences in an attempt to strengthen international relationships, understand the diversity at New College, and broaden their educational experience.

The Global Village is open to students of all AOCs who are interested in being a part of a community of scholars striving for global understanding and tolerance. Members will have the opportunity to attend cultural programming events, international themed meals, guest lecturers, and learn how to prepare themselves to travel abroad.

Benefits of the Global Village LLC:

  • Explore world events with visiting faculty and guest speakers
  • Learn about career opportunities with a global focus
  • Learn how to travel internationally
  • Engage with current New College of Florida students studying abroad
  • Contribute to community service projects


Located in Pei 3rd Court, First-year community

SuccessQuest is a Living Learning Community (LLC) unlike any other on campus. It is an organized year-long program (meeting on a bi-weekly basis) that aims to assist first-year students with a healthy and successful transition to life at New College. SuccessQuest helps new students orient themselves and connect with campus resources through workshops with different campus offices. As a member of Success Quest, you will be provided opportunities to integrate into the community both on-campus and in the greater Sarasota area. Students will be encouraged to get involved in a variety of ways including student government, clubs, and volunteer opportunities. The workshops and activities you will participate in as a member of SuccessQuest will shape your natural leadership skills and strengths and will help you apply them in ways that benefit you and your community. The goal of SuccessQuest is to provide experiences and lessons that will reach beyond the realm of your life at New College while also helping you navigate your first year here.

Meetings and Activities:

  • Team Building and Understanding
  • Strengths identification and goal setting
  • Campus Resource workshops
  • Group activities and programs to enhance skills in resilience, self-efficacy and emotional intelligence
  • Financial Literacy workshop
  • Career-related community engagement opportunities and programs
  • Sarasota Excursion
  • Program Completion Celebration

PRIDE Living Learning Community

Located in Peterson Hall (V building). Open to all New College students.

There are two main goals of the LLC, the first of which is to create a safe and comfortable space allowing for members to share in the exploration of identity. The second goal is connecting others who want to explore, learn, and grow, and creating the space for support and education within the LLC, which will hopefully spread to peers, and the NCF community.

Students living in this LLC should be excited living with LGBTQIA+ people as well as learning about and celebrating LGBTQIA+ history and culture. Residents are placed without requirements of gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.

Programming in this LLC will be focused on solidifying those connections and opportunities to explore through historical and contemporary experiences of LGBTQIA+ people. The three main learning objectives of the LLC are:

  1. To foster a respectful and strong community
  2. Develop knowledge of LGBTQIA+ culture, identities, histories and politics
  3. Increase exposure and involvement in social justice through organizing and participating in service.


Located in Pritzker Hall (Z): Open to all New College students

In the Sustainability LLC,  members will be encouraged to learn about and live their most sustainable lives. The Sustainability LLC will provide regular educational programs as well as the opportunity to engage with peers who are similarly seeking to reduce their impact on the Earth.

There will be no prerequisites to apply for the Sustainability LLC, besides a willingness to strive for a more sustainable lifestyle. Most importantly, participation will not be a competition, but a means of inspiration.

Opportunities to live a more sustainable lifestyle include:

  • Contributing to a communal garden
  • Foraging wild edible foods and herbs in the Food Forest and surrounding area
  • Creating habits to reduce waste
  • Participating in and encouraging the composting program
  • Using sustainable materials
  • Participation in community service and field trips

Sustainability LLC will also partner with the Council of Green Affairs and RAW (Resources Aren’t Waste) club to help in planning and volunteering for events.


Located in Pritzker Hall (Z): Open to all New College students.

If you love writing, reading, and imagining, then this may be the hall on campus for you. With an in-house, communal library; brainstorming whiteboard and jumbo-sticky area; and tables and couches for joint writing sessions, this LLC is home to writers experimenting with all genres and divisions. Fantasy, suspense, romance, action and more conveyed through poetry, playwriting, essays, and short-stories–You name it, we’ve got it. Scholarly writing, too, in short or long form like the thesis project, is a treasured craft here.

If you enjoy writing and you want to live in a community that shares the craft and supports you in your journey, apply to live in the Writing LLC!


  • Establishing healthy writing habits.
    • All Writing LLCs residents will have two hours/week scheduled writing time and are eligible to receive academic credit for the time.
  • Participating in on-campus programming.
    • Feedback groups, movie showings, hot cocoa talks, common room mad libs, and more are scheduled year-round.
  • Traveling to off-campus events.
    • RCAD author visits, Selby Library creative writing workshops, and off-site coffee-shop writing sessions are all events interested LLC students can attend.

The Writing LLC will be partnered with the Writing Resource Center (WRC).Apply today!

outdoor adventure and wellness LIVING LEARNING COMMUNITY

Located in Peterson Hall (W): Open to all New College students

The Outdoor Adventure LLC aims to foster a community of individuals who enjoy camping, hiking, spending time in the outdoors and the preservation of our natural resources for future generations to enjoy. The LLC is welcome to outdoor enthusiasts of any level, whether you have grown up camping or are just starting to take an interest. Members will work together to plan excursions to Florida’s many beautiful public parks and forests while following the principles of Leave No Trace, plan activities such as kayaking and rock climbing, and will be able to take part in on-campus workshops on various aspects of camping and hiking safety.


      • Take part in our planned day trips as well as longer weekend excursions.
      • Lend your knowledge to help educate others learn methods for safe camping and hiking, and learn from those with different experiences than yourself.
      • Take an active role in the upkeep and preservation of the public lands in Florida to ensure that future generations will have the same opportunities to enjoy nature.

Quiet Community Living-Learning Community

Located in Searing Hall (Y). Open to all New College students.

In Quiet Community, members have the opportunity to live with students who share a focus on academics. This community is allocated for those who want quiet living conditions all the time, 24 hours a day. Availability is based on student request for this type of living and interest of the student population.

Benefits of the Quiet Community – LLC

      • Enjoy shared interests with members of the community who wish to support an atmosphere which is conducive to sleep and study at all times during the day and night.
      • Creates opportunities for each person agrees to address other students if that environment is not being supported at any time. If any student is found to disrupt this atmosphere during the course of the semester, the individual may be required to move from Quiet Housing to another residence hall or house on campus.

Rules and Regulations

    1. I agree to abide by the quiet hours established at the beginning of each semester by all members of this community.
    2. I agree to address other residents if they are not upholding the contract. I will contact my Residential Advisor or Campus Police if I am not comfortable doing so myself.
    3. I agree to hold all of my guests accountable to these guidelines.
    4. I agree to hold all social activities within the established quiet hours.
    5. I agree to respect the rights of other members of the community to request a quiet environment at all times and will comply with any given request to support this type of atmosphere in the residence hall.
    6. I agree to support all programs that benefit the quiet housing community.