New College’s Commitment

New College of Florida is proud to join over 90 other colleges and universities in offering Gender Inclusive Housing.Beginning in 2017, NCF formalized its commitment to the safety and wellbeing of all students through its new Gender Inclusive Housing option. While NCF has been striving to accommodate the comfort of all of its students for decades, we feel it is important to formalize this commitment in order to acknowledge the diverse needs of its students, and to better inform and educate first-year students of their housing options and the reasons behind these options.

Below is a list of terms and definitions that will be helpful in reading through and understanding New College’s Gender Inclusive Housing Option, followed by a list of frequently asked questions:

Terms and Definitions

  • Sex Assigned At Birth: The assignment and classification of people as male, female, intersex, or another sex assigned at birth, often based on physical anatomy at birth and/or karyotyping.
  • Legal Sex: Sex designation stated on either birth certificate or passport.
  • Gender Identity: One’s internal sense of being a man, a woman, neither of these, both, or other gender(s). Everyone has a gender identity, including you. For transgender people, their sex assigned at birth and their gender identity are not necessarily the same.
  • Gender Expression/Presentation: The physical manifestation of one’s gender identity through clothing, hairstyle, voice, body shape, etc. (typically referred to as masculine or feminine). Many transgender people seek to make their gender expression (how they look) match their gender identity (who they are), rather than their sex assigned at birth. Someone with a gender nonconforming gender expression may or may not be transgender.
  • Sexual Orientation: A person’s physical, romantic, emotional, aesthetic, and/or other form of attraction to others. Gender identity and sexual orientation are not the same.
  • Transgender/Trans: An umbrella term for people whose gender identity differs from their sex assigned at birth. The term transgender is not indicative of gender expression, sexual orientation, hormonal makeup, physical anatomy, or how one
    is perceived in daily life. *Note that transgender does not have an “ed” at the end.*
  • Cis(gender): Adjective that means “identifies as their sex assigned at birth” derived from the Latin word meaning “on the same side.” A cisgender/cis person is not transgender. “Cisgender” does not indicate biology, gender expression, or sexuality/sexual orientation. *Note that cisgender does not have an “ed” at the end.*
    Definitions sourced from Trans Student Educational Resources


What is Gender Inclusive Housing at New College?
Gender Inclusive Housing is a formal option which allows students to request and be placed in a room, suite, or apartment with students of any gender, sex, or gender identity/expression. It is not a Living Learning Community. It is a documented preference that can be accommodated in any residence hall as space permits. The Gender Inclusive Housing Option is an opt-in program. If a student does not specifically choose this option during the housing selection process, they will automatically be assigned roommates of the same legal sex.

Why is Gender Inclusive Housing important?
New College of Florida is committed to providing and creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for all students. For this reason, NCF is committed to providing safe and comfortable housing options that are inclusive of everyone, including transgender students, students in the process of navigating their gender identity, gay or bisexual students, students who feel uncomfortable with members of the same sex, intersex students who do not wish to be identified by any sex.

Is Gender Inclusive Housing only for students who identify as Lesbian, Gay,Bisexual,Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ)?
No. Gender Inclusive Housing is for all students who do not want their legal sex to determine who they live with. Requests are managed on a case by case basis.

Which residence halls will have Gender Inclusive Housing options?
Gender Inclusive Housing options will primarily be in our apartment and suite style dorms (Goldstein, Dort, Peterson, Pritzker, Searing, V and Y Residence Halls, B Dorm), as well as a few identified spaces in our first-year areas (the Pei Courts).

Will it cost anything extra to participate in Gender Inclusive Housing?
No, standard housing rates based on residence hall and room type will apply.

How do I choose to live in Gender Inclusive Housing?
To opt-in to the Gender Inclusive Housing program, students will submit their housing contract and choose Gender Inclusive Housing as a preferred housing option in the form of a checkbox. Students will be placed in designated rooms based on space availability. If a student would like to personally discuss their individual request feel free to reach out to the Office of Residential Life and Dining Services.

How are roommates chosen within this option?
Students who wish to live with specific roommates and suitemates in the suite or apartment will be required to select the Gender Inclusive Housing option and mutually request each other as roommates. All suitemates will be required to sign an agreement
stating that they agree to the terms and conditions of living in Gender Inclusive Housing, and that they understand what this option means.

If I choose to participate in Gender Inclusive Housing, how will this affect my other housing options?
The Gender Inclusive Housing Option is not a Living Learning Community, and is a documented preference that can be accommodated in all residence halls. All students are encouraged to provide specific hall preferences, and New College will make every
effort to accommodate both these preferences and your desire to take part in Gender Inclusive Housing. However, all assignments are based upon space availability, therefore NCF cannot guarantee to any student a specific hall, room, or roommates.

Will choosing the Gender Inclusive Housing option get me better housing?
Gender Inclusive Housing is an additional option offered to students to specify who they want to live with; it is not a Living Learning Community, and does not provide students special consideration for specific rooms or halls.

Will there be additional expectations for living in Gender Inclusive Housing?
There are no additional academic requirements or expectations for participating in Gender Inclusive Housing. Students opting-in to the program will be held to the same expectations and policies as any other residential student. All campus residents must adhere to common standards of civility and respect regarding diverse gender identities/expressions and sexual orientations.

If I don’t select this option what does this mean?
By not selecting the Gender Inclusive Housing Option your housing placement will be determined by your legal sex.

What if a parent is upset about their student’s participation in Gender Inclusive Housing?
Federal and State laws protect a student’s educational records from public disclosure. If a student is over the age of 18, NCF cannot disclose their student record to anyone. Additionally, if the student is over 18, no parental approval is needed for Gender Inclusive Housing. Students who are under 18 will require parental/guardian permission to participate in Gender Inclusive Housing. Housing officials are available to discuss concerns or questions from parents and guardians.

What if I switch rooms mid-year due to a roommate conflict?
The person who requests a room change will not be guaranteed another space in Gender Inclusive Housing. This will be dependent on space availability. In addition, if a student moves out and cancels their housing contract entirely (i.e. moves off campus) that student will have to pay the same fee as any other student who cancelled their housing contract.