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New College of Florida and our Board of Trustees value our residential requirement and firmly believes that it is an essential part of our academic experience. It is so highly valued that we require our students to reside on campus. By living on campus, you can be fully engaged in student life while enjoying a strong sense of camaraderie and community. The integration of our academic component and our residential experience strengthen the overall educational and social development of our community members. As you get ready to move onto campus, we just want to take a moment to stress how important and valued this experience is for our student body. There is a great deal of research that reveals that students who live on campus are academically more successful and socially more integrated and have a higher retention rate than nonresidential students.

Housing Options for New College Students

Residence Halls

Most first-year students are assigned rooms in the Pei Residence Halls. Upper-class students can choose to live in a variety of apartment-style, lodge-style, or traditional dormitory accommodations.

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Living Learning Communities

Living learning communities are theme-based housing for students who share common academic, social or civic interests.

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NCF has decreased density as much as possible in our PEI community by offering voluntary contract releases. Several announcements were sent to on campus residents sharing with them an updated Housing Addendum with temporary changes in our housing policies and procedures. We will communicate and enforce reduced social capacity limits in all lounges, laundry rooms, and kitchen areas. New College of Florida will limit residential hall program size to incorporate appropriate social distancing policies. There will be an increase in virtual programming and activities throughout our community.

First-Year/Transfer Students: August 14th, 15th and 16th.


Returning Students: August 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st.

The move-in process is being carefully reworked to allow for maximum social distance and adherence to other safety guidelines.

Students will have an assigned move-in time and appointments for move-in will be spaced out to allow Housing to limit the risk of crowding in hallways and elevators.

There will also be a drive-through check-in process that will minimize contact and touch points.

Sanitizing stations and enhanced surface area cleaning will also be incorporated into this year’s move-in process.

Students will be permitted to have two (2) helpers assist them.  All helpers will be required to follow social distancing policies and must use face coverings while in the residence hall and when physical distancing is not possible.

Will New College of Florida provide on-campus residents with face coverings and any other preventative supplies?

All residential students will receive a wellness package upon move-in that includes a thermometer, a cloth mask, disposable masks,  health information, hand sanitizer, and tips for accessing other campus services.

Due to the COVID-19 situation we encourage you to pack sparingly.  If we are forced to close the campus for some reason you will need to vacate your room completely.  Items left behind will not be placed in storage.

A list of items to bring with you may be found here:

Due to Covid-19, there will be no guests or visitors allowed in the residence halls for the fall term. The department will assess this decision throughout the semester and provide ongoing, timely updates. Housing & Residence Life defines guests or visitors as individuals who are not assigned a room within the building. Residents who are assigned to the building will be permitted to visit other residents who are in the same assigned building.

We expect residents to adhere to no more than one guest per resident of an apartment or traditional style room at any given time.

There will be no overnight guests, or visitors allowed in suites or bedrooms. Only the registered occupants of the suite/bedrooms are permitted to be in these spaces.

Visitors are restricted to open common spaces and must follow the face cover policy.

Students will only have access to their particular building.  Card access for the letter dorms will be deactivated.  Only those students residing in these buildings will have access to their communities.

We cannot guarantee a single bedroom to all students who request it.  Students should pack and bring to campus only those items that they actually need in the fall.  In the event we are forced to close, students must completely vacate their assigned dorm space.  Room changes will only be available in extreme emergencies.


Not all amenities/space will be available, and we have adjusted availability of some of the standard services within the halls.  While additional aspects may be adjusted as we plan for the fall, you can expect the following:

Water fountains with bottle filling stations will remain in service, but all waterspouts on fountains will be restricted from use.

Ham Center, dorm kitchens and common lounge hours may be adjusted for additional sanitizing and cleaning. It will not be open 24-hours as it was in the past. Sunday through Thursday 5 AM to  Friday& Saturday 5 AM to 2 AM.

Regular cleaning and sanitizing of public areas such as B Dorm bathrooms, dorm kitchens, lobbies, and elevator areas.  Support within the guidelines of CDC group sizes and events.

Assuming the institution’s academic schedule does not change, residents will be able to remain in housing through the entire Fall Term.

We ask if students go home, or off campus, for Thanksgiving that they not return to campus until the beginning of the ISP period.  We hope to avoid students bringing back to campus any COVID-19 related issues.

Dining Services will be subject to modification in response to the COVID-19 virus.  New College of Florida and Metz Culinary have already established and adopted new health and safety guidelines.  These include: reduced seating capacity in the Ham Center, revised serving hours, limiting the amount of time students may reside within the Ham Center, and other operational adjustments which will address the health and safety concerns of our community.

There are still many details being determined about our quarantine processes, both for students returning to campus and residents who develop symptoms of Covid-19. Please check back here for updates. 

Who is required to quarantine before coming to campus?

At this time, Florida residents do not have quarantine restrictions for travel within Florida.  However, you will need to provide us with a negative test which is dated after July 25, 2020.

At this time, out of state students do not need to quarantine.  However, you will need to provide us with a negative test which is dated after July 25, 2020.

At this time only international students from countries that the State Department has stated “no travel” must quarantine for 14 days when coming to Florida. See Travel Advisories for updated information.  You will also need a negative test, which you could obtain when you get here. If you get the test here, you will need to be quarantined until a result is obtained.  Please email to discuss your options.

Residential students must submit a COVID-19 test to the Counseling and Wellness Center prior to their arrival on campus.


Are there designated areas to isolate or quarantine students who live on campus?

Yes. Upon notification of a positive case within a residence hall, the Covid-19-positive resident(s) will be moved to dedicated locations for isolation and quarantine. These are located in our Gold, Dort and PEI communities.  If ill, students will be monitored by Student Health Services via telehealth.

New College of Florida will ensure that students who are quarantined on campus receive individually boxed meals delivered to their quarantine location.

Residents who are temporarily quarantined will have essential belongings relocated to the new space; however, the majority of belongings will remain in the original room until the resident returns. Once quarantined students will remain isolated until the conclusion of their quarantine period and an official release is given by the Counseling and Wellness Center.

Students with Emotional Support Animals (ESA) or Service Animals may be required to submit an evacuation plan for their animal in the event the student needs to be quarantined.  Students who are unable to evacuate their ESA may be asked to leave campus during the designated quarantined period.

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Policies and Procedures

New College of Florida promulgates regulations in accordance with the Regulation Development Process adopted by the Florida Board of Governors.

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Student Activities & Campus Engagement

Mix the ingredients, craft your Sa[u]ce With Student Activities And Campus Engagement!

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