Live Where You Learn

New College of Florida and our Board of Trustees value our residential requirement and firmly believes that it is an essential part of our academic experience. It is so highly valued that we require our students to reside on campus. By living on campus, you can be fully engaged in student life while enjoying a strong sense of camaraderie and community. The integration of our academic component and our residential experience strengthen the overall educational and social development of our community members. As you get ready to move onto campus, we just want to take a moment to stress how important and valued this experience is for our student body. There is a great deal of research that reveals that students who live on campus are academically more successful and socially more integrated and have a higher retention rate than nonresidential students.

General Housing Information - FAQ!!!

For many years, New College has required that students living on-campus have a meal plan, in order to allow learning to be the primary focus. The new 19 All You Can Eat Meal Plan makes this easier than ever. The College will automatically register first-time New College students for the new 19 All You Can Eat Meal Plan when they apply for on-campus housing. The Fall term cost is $1,528 (or approximately $4.43 per meal for the entire 115-day term).

Beginning August 18th, students registered in the 19 All You Can Eat Meal Plan receive the option to choose their meal size for any given meal, plus students will also receive $100 flex dollars that can be used in the on-campus convenience store or Boar’s Head Deli. Additional flex dollars can be added. The 19 All You Can Eat Meal Plan provides 19 meal swipes for the week including weekends. Students can swipe one time during each meal period in the Hamilton Dining Hall.

First-time New College students will receive a one-time meal plan scholarship of $24, reducing the net cost to $1,504 for the Fall term – matching last year’s cost.

Returning students will receive a one-time meal plan scholarship of $743, for a net cost of $785 – also matching last year’s pricing! All Pell grant students will receive a meal plan scholarship covering the entire cost of the 19 All You Can Eat Meal Plan. All scholarships will be automatically applied towards each eligible student’s academic account.

Students may choose to opt-out of the 19 All You Can Eat Meal Plan, and purchase a Declining Balance Meal Plan at no additional cost. This plan may be used at the on-campus convenience store, Boar’s Head Deli or can be used to enter the Hamilton Dining Hall at a swipe cost of $6.50 for breakfast, $9.25 for lunch, and $10 for dinner. For first-time New College students, the cost of the Declining Balance Meal Plan for the Fall term is $1,504. For returning students the Declining Balance Meal Plan cost is $785.

One-Time Meal Plan scholarships are not provided with the declining balance meal plan. For most residential students, the traditional Declining Balance Meal Plan will not be the most financially beneficial option. Students have until Friday, July 30, 2021, to opt-out of the 19 All You Can Eat Meal Plan and choose this option.

Special Note for Pell Students- Residential Pell grant students will receive a scholarship covering 100% of the cost of either the 19 All You Can Eat Meal Plan or the Declining Balance Meal Plan if they choose.

New College of Florida will be taking all reasonable precautions as we return to normal operations this fall.  While we will still be following COVID-19 safety protocols a vast majority of our services and programs will be back to normal.  

If you have specific questions please contact the Housing Office for additional information.  Questions and concerns may be sent to:  Dr. Mark Stier is our Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs and will be happy to assist you if possible.

Residence halls open for new students on the first day of Orientation, Sunday, August 15, 2021. Residence Halls open for returning students on Wednesday, August 18, 2021.

Moving into the dorms is tentatively based on successful submission of an updated negative COVID-19 test.

Students will need to sign up for a specific scheduled check in time prior to their arrival on campus.  We encourage you to make sure you have all COVID-19 medical documentation with you when you arrive on campus to help facilitate your check in process.

You should definitely talk to your roommates and suites regarding what you will be bringing to campus.  You don’t need to duplicate each other’s efforts :).

A list of items to bring with you may be found here:

We cannot guarantee a single bedroom to all students who request it.  Students should pack and bring to campus only those items that they actually need for the term. 

Students who wish to request a room change may contact the Housing Office and discuss this process with Dr. Mark Stier, Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs.  His email address is