Disability Services has created a local and nationwide mental health resources brochure.  Click here for a printable brochure. 

Other resources are the following:

AHEAD.org: Association on Higher Education and Disability resources for students and parents.

OnlineColleges.netWith a focus on emerging trends and developments in online education, OnlineColleges.net has been informing prospective students since 2009. OnlineColleges.net provides free student guides and college search information, along with expert advice from Melissa Venable, Ph.D., an experienced online instructor and thought leader.

MoneyGeek.com: A guide on how to get scholarships and grants for students with disabilities and resources to identify colleges and programs specifically designed for students with disabilities.

BestColleges.com: We seek to empower students by providing the information needed to make informed higher education decisions. Through proprietary research, we build user-friendly guides and rankings that lead students of all ages on their personal path to a college degree. We are dedicated to helping students find the school that best meets their needs.