Reasonable Accommodations

Student Disability Services offers reasonable accommodations to students who need them.

Reasonable Accommodations

For documentation guidelines please see appropriate section depending on the type of accommodation requested.

Accommodations that Student Disability Services offer:

Classroom Accommodations

  • Enlarged course material
  • Permission to record lectures
  • Use of computer for notes
  • Note taking services
  • Adjustable table and/or chair placed in classroom(s)
  • ASL interpreting services
  • Copy of lecture notes/power point
  • Preferential seating
  • Flexible attendance
  • Extended due dates
  • Written instructions

Testing Accommodations

  • Extended time for exams (1.5-2x normal time allowed)
  • Alternate location/decreased distraction for exams
  • Use of spell check device or use of computer for testing
  • Use of calculator
  • Test scribe
  • Reader for tests
  • Ability to request alternate exam time reschedule exam
  • Alternate testing format

Special Services

  • CLAST, GRE or other standardized testing accommodation
  • Course substitution
  • Assistance with obtaining e-books
  • Assistance on study skills, time management and/or organizational skills

Housing Accommodations Offered


  • Single room
  • First-floor access
  • Access to full kitchen
  • Reduced meal plan
  • Off-campus space
  • Emotional Support Animal
  • Service Animal