Reasonable Accommodations

Student Disability Services offers reasonable accommodations to students who need them.

As a resource for students with disabilities, SDS works with faculty and staff to provide accommodations for the unique needs of students both in and out of the classroom.

Accommodations may include but are not limited to the following:

Testing Accommodations

  • Extended time for exams (1.5 – 2x normal time allowed)
  • Alternate location/decreased distraction for exams
  • Ability to request alternate exam date or time
  • Use of computer for exams
  • Reader for exam

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Classroom Accommodations

  • Note-taking services
  • Enlarged course material
  • Permission to record lectures
  • Computer in class for notes
  • Accessible classroom and furniture

Communication/Technology Accommodations

  • Sign-language interpreters
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Real time captioning
  • Speech-to-text Service
  • Textbooks in alternate format


  • Single room
  • First-floor access
  • Off-campus space
  • Access to full kitchen
  • Reduced meal plan
  • Emotional Support Animal (ESA)
  • Service Animal

Personal Care Attendants

New College of Florida understands that Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) may be necessary to address the personal needs of a student with a disability in order for that student to fully participate at NCF. An otherwise qualified student who requires personal attendant services is responsible for making arrangements to provide for their own personal attendant services.  NCF does not assume coordination or financial responsibilities for personal attendant services.

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