Promoting a safe and healthy environment

Emergency Management

Our Emergency Operations Plan was prepared to integrate the responses of all available College resources and increase the level of emergency preparedness on campus. The plan describes the roles and responsibilities of departments and employees in protecting life and property, in responding to the needs of those affected, and in disseminating accurate and timely information to the campus and the public. Its goal is to ensure an organized, structured, coordinated and caring response in crisis emergency situations.

Keeping You Safe

New College has several means of mass communications to reach our students, faculty, staff and visitors. The Sarasota campus is equipped with a system of emergency telephones, aka “blue phones.” When activated, these phones dial directly into the Campus Police Department. In addition, an external security camera system has been installed in select parking areas so that our campus police can monitor and record activity in these areas of campus.

Our NCFSafe system enables the College to contact all members of the New College community simultaneously via email, analog and cellular telephone, and text messaging in the event of an emergency. The system is only as effective as the contact database from which it operates, so we encourage all students, faculty and staff to provide us with the most up-to-date contact information.

External mass notification is provided via three external and three internal (Library, Sudakoff and Hamilton Student Center) emergency mass notification speakers. This system is able to provide instantaneous live or pre-recorded emergency notifications to our campus. Mass voice notification provides good communications for anyone who is between classes or out-of-doors, including visitors.

The College has installed VOIP speakers in each classroom on campus. The technology of the speaker and our phone system allows for two-way communication between each classroom individually, or as a group to the Campus Police dispatcher. Police can make a campuswide announcement to one or all classrooms, and classroom occupants can make a call to the Campus Police with the push of a button.

Safety and Environmental Compliance

We have a manual that has information about the College’s policies and procedures for biological, chemical, and workplace safety. This manual will be available on the website soon.