New Crew SRQ

Rowing is a form of art and a sport of the body as well as the mind. There is something so beautiful about being out on flat water rowing in a perfectly synchronized manner with other rowers where everyone’s breaths and heart rates match and are all considered equals. In a boat, there is no superiority complex of which seat is more important. Everyone learns to depend on and support each other by each giving their best at practices and races, regardless of the conditions.

Rowing is a technically sophisticated sport that incorporates elements of mathematics, physics, engineering, and psychology. Along with physical improvements, rowing athletes also experience significant benefits in their mental health. Rowing athletes experience great improvement in their educational productivity because it teaches them to manage their time. 

The goal of New Crew SRQ is to create an inclusive rowing culture and a sense of unity among New College students. New Crew is a flexible rowing program designed to accommodate both scullers and sweep rowers, people who want to compete in regional regattas, and folks interested in physical fitness and camaraderie. 

Sarasota–Bradenton, acknowledged as a mecca for rowing in the United States, has hosted the U.S. Olympic Trials at Nathan Benderson Park, where New Crew SRQ practices and competes.

For more information, contact New Crew SRQ coach Toni Ginsberg-Klemmt at