Athletics, New College style.

New College has a wide range of competitive athletic teams that compete in individual and team sports.

Athletics at New College

New College students are known for being scholars, but there are plenty of scholar-athletes here, too, and a wide range of competitive teams with impressive coaches.

The dedicated coaches of the teams here at New College are all highly credentialed, each boasting decades of experience, and most of whom played their respective sport professionally.

The combination of determined students and motivated coaches provide an incredibly competitive atmosphere, where students who are interested in sports have the opportunity to play at both an intercollegiate, and intramural level.

The New College athletic teams are known as The Null Sets. Learn the history of our unique nickname.


“The goal of New Crew SRQ is to create an inclusive rowing culture and a sense of unity among New College students. New Crew is a flexible rowing program designed to accommodate both scullers and sweep rowers, people who want to compete in regional regattas, as well as people who want to row recreationally.” – Antonia Ginsberg-Klemmt, Physics AOC.

The New Crew SRQ rowing team practices daily at the world-renowned training and competition facility at Nathan Benderson Park. The team provides New College students, staff and alumni of all skill levels the chance to learn and train at the multi-use sports venue (which has hosted numerous national and international championships and regattas since 2017). There are opportunities to compete against other rowing crews at the site, too.


“Tennis has definitely helped me manage my stress and stay healthy while at New College, and it’s far easier to exercise when you’re doing something fun and enjoyable.” – David Smith, Economics AOC.

New College’s tennis team holds regular practice every week at the two lighted hard courts. The team is currently intramural, but they intend to expand the competition to the intercollegiate level.


“By going to Swim Club, I am so much more balanced. I can handle the pressure of school when I have a healthy and fun activity to look forward to twice a week… At the Swim Club practices, the time passes by quickly and it is easy to forget the everyday worries. It also gives me the opportunity to meet other students that I would probably not have met, as well as others who share my interests.” – Nicole Hernandez, Biology AOC.

The Octopodes, New College’s swim team is a collaboration between the college and the wellness center. Providing a place for competitive swimmers to flourish, as well as a place for students to improve their mental health, the club welcomes swimmers of all levels, and competitive swimmers compete in Sarasota Masters swim meets. The Swimming Club has two to three practices each week, before the academic day, in the College’s 25-meter pool.

During cooler months, the club uses the Arlington Aquatic Complex in downtown Sarasota.


In the Sunshine State, it’s never too cold to go out and play basketball, but if it was, that wouldn’t stop the New College basketball team. As an intramural team, they pride themselves on inclusivity, and competitiveness.

Also, being one of the older sports at New College, the team has a long history of excellent coaches, and talented students. That, along with the full-sized hard courts on campus, are what has kept basketball as one of the favorite sports among New College students.


“Before coming here I was shy, and I was uncomfortable taking initiative and making good work great. But in my first year I met some fantastic people in Soccer that weren’t just role models, they were great friends, and even those who ended up graduating at the end of that year left a serious impact on my life. I started earning Strongly Satisfactory designations in my classes, and that is because sports at New College teach you several things: the value of teamwork, the thrill of an enjoyable (competitive yet disciplined) game, and the importance of responsibility. ” – Bennet Bastian, Political Science and Religion AOC.

The New College soccer team plays in recreation leagues in the Sarasota-Bradenton area. They also have a long-running rivalry with Ringling College of Art and Design as well.


“The Powerlifting Team is a really great community here on campus. I might be having a long day or whatever, and I can come in to the gym and be surrounded by a good group of people who all support each other and hit a workout. I’m really proud of the work that everyone has put in and supported the creation of this team.” – Daniel Schell

A testament to the strength of the Novo Collegians, the powerlifting team is one of the newest and most active sports here at New College. After only being around for a year, the team participated in the 37th annual USA powerlifting Florida state championships, and walked away with two first place trophies, and one second place.

The team also holds regular “mock meets” on campus to prepare for the championships, and also to build moral among students. They even have an instagram account, @ncfpowerlifting, which students can follow to stay up-to-date on everything powerlifting.

Other sports clubs

New College students organize and direct clubs each year in sports as diverse as flag football, scuba diving, ultimate Frisbee, and sand volleyball. The campus fitness center also offers classes in yoga, and dance.