Start a club

If you haven't found the right club for you, it's easy to start a new one.

There are more than 60 clubs and organizations at New College. If you are looking to get involved in campus, joining a club is a great way to get connect to campus.

See an updated list here, or log in to NovoConnect to explore more!

Clubs on campus are based on a variety of interests like social justice, athletics, art, music, gaming, academic, and culture. If you haven’t found the right club for you, don’t worry – you can always start one!

See ‘How to start a club‘ to learn more about creating (or general information about maintaining) a student group on campus!

Upon approval of the anti-hazing policy of a Florida College System institution or state university and of the rules and penalties adopted pursuant thereto, the institution shall require the inclusion of such policy, rules, and penalties in the bylaws of every organization operating under the sanction of the institution.