Clubs and Activities

  • VOX

    Cristina Harty

    To provide safe, positive, and inclusive sexual health education to the students of New College.

  • Unitarian Universalists

    Stetson Cooper, Corey Culbertson, Amy Bernard

    To provide a nondenominational, spiritual, welcoming, confidential, casual, and safe community space on campus for reflection and healing.

  • Trans Party

    Logan Starnes

    To provide a safe space for trans, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, gender nonconforming, gender variant, and questioning individuals. We provide a support group/system for individuals at NCF.

  • The New Institute of Sushi

    Vinushka Schalk

    The New Institute of Sushi is a DIY ethos collective of innovators, artists, computer scientists, engineers and bleeding-edge radicals. Together we create sushi out of local, sustainable and inexpensive ingredients and proceed to disseminate our craft to our fellow comrades in arms against the corporate oligarchy.

  • The CKI Club of New College of Florida

    Ariel Sartori

    Our club is a service club which performs a range of activities which help the community and the state. We have 3 tenets, service, fellowship and leadership. These are all encompassing to describe what our club stands for and if there are any questions you can email me.

  • Tennis Club

    Jinho An

    Tennis Club is a club designed to give exercise and effective tennis lessons to players of all levels, to create a inclusive community based around tennis, and to create a competitive college tennis team.

  • Swim Club

    Shelby Hartwell

    The mission of the New College of Florida Swim Club is to promote exercise, health and foster camaraderie through weekly swim practices. We intend to do this by providing a safe, enjoyable and well-organized program available to all New College students.

  • Support Group for Transfers

    Constantine Dhonau

    A group for present and future transfer students to come into and turn to as a student-­run resource for answering questions, peer support and connections specific to the needs of transfer students.

  • Students Targeting Oppressive Powers

    Sade Holmes

    (STOP) Through education and advocacy, working toward social and economic justice on our campus and in our greater community.

  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy

    Mariana Bonilla, Contacts Jane Hepler

    Students for Sensible Drug Policy is the only international network of students dedicated to ending the war on drugs. At its heart, SSDP is a grassroots organization, led by a student-run Board of Directors. We create change by bringing young people together and creating safe spaces for students of all political and ideological stripes to have honest conversations about drugs and drug policy. Founded in 1998, SSDP comprises thousands of members at hundreds of campuses in countries around the globe.

  • Queery

    Carl Romer, Lorraine Cruz

    Queery serves to maintain New College as a safe place for LGBTQ+ identified individuals and their allies to socialize and engage with the larger community. Membership is open to any New College student, and all events are, likewise, open to all. Each semester, Queery officers plan and execute three large-scale events for the New College community (one off-campus speaker, one intersectional workshop, and one wall), as well as various small-scale events; however, any member may approach any officer at any time to propose an event, large- or small-scale, and the officers will work with them to see that the idea comes to fruition. In this sense, the officers serve both to plan events for members, and as resources for the members to plan events.

  • Psychology Club

    Cliff Lundin, Christine Baum

    The Psychology Club is an engaging extracurricular space meant for open discussion on recent findings, topics of interest, and current research within the realm of psychology selected collectively by its club members. We encourage members to explore alternative schools of thought within psychology and to bring a diverse perspective to all discussions.

  • Pre-Vet Club

    Sarah Flax

    The purpose of this club is to prepare and educate students about the occupation of veterinary medicine through unique opportunities and learning experiences (internships, research, and volunteer opportunities). Also, to assists students with the VMCAS application process for vet school.

  • Pre-Med Club

    Shelby Hartwell

    A nonintimidating and helpful environment where any student can learn about the process of entering a profession in the health field.

  • Novo Cinema

    Caitlyn Ralph, McAlister Grant, Kirsten Wood

    Novo Cinema aims to offer the New College of Florida community more consistent options for late night events on the weekends. On every Friday and Saturday night, there will be movie showings in at least two locations on campus. Our goal is to inflate the role of film in New College culture while also providing students reliable entertainment.

  • New Sign

    Alexis Pujol

    New Sign is NCF’s American Sign Language club, we meet to learn and sign together, everyone is welcome, no experience necessary.

  • New College Voice Actors

    Christian Ines, Jakob Hedin

    The NCVA club wishes to extend voice acting awareness on campus, as well as to provide a gathering place for those interested in the practice of voice acting. We provide opportunities for students to have a alternative path for creative expression and teach others to use their voice to their fullest potential.

  • New College of Florida Quiz Bowl Team

    Naimul Chowdhury

    The purpose of this club is to promote curiosity and enjoyment of learning by encouraging interest in trivia and facilitating student participation in trivia competitions such as NAQT and ACF.

  • New College Law Society

    Brena Bergman

    The New College Law Society is dedicated to providing students with an opportunity to expand their understanding of law and the career options it provides.

  • New College Fencing Club

    Bradley Baker

    Our mission is to promote the Olympic sport of fencing and represent New College of Florida through our positive actions both on and off the fencing piste, following the guiding principles of the college and the New College Student Alliance. Furthermore, we seek to teach the sport in a no-stress, fun environment that is welcoming to everyone (students, staff, faculty and community members) willing to learn.

  • New College Carnivorous Plant Society

    Julien Baruch

    We hope to create a community of people growing carnivorous plants of all types. The hope is that these growers, with the help of the NCCPS will trade plants and thus create a thriving and continual community of carnivorous plant growers at NCF.

  • New College Barbell Club

    Shane Caldwall, Ben Carothers

    Promote camaraderie and build community by inspiring student athletes to achieve their goals through hard work, perseverance and a mastery of form.

  • NCFight Club

    Nicholas Dortch

    NCFight Club is a nondenominational club for fight enthusiasts and those who aspire to become so. The focus of this club is not competition but self-betterment, self-expression, community building, and most of all, fun.

  • NCF Shobukan Karate Club

    Serena Bonci

    The Karate Club is a group where students can get exercise, as well as learn self defense under Sensei JR Ayers. All levels are welcome.

  • NCF Computer Science Club

    Eric Voorhis, Hunter Osking

    The vision behind the New College of Florida Computer Science Club is the vision behind New College itself. Collectively, through hard work and critical thinking, we will grow to learn the values of independence, collaboration, and weirdness. The club will be oriented around team projects and group learning. Through working together, members will learn not only important technical skills, but also how to work in a team to accomplish real world projects. We aim to improve New College’s academic community, the Sarasota community, and ourselves.

  • Model United Nations

    Lara Herzog

    NCFMUN is New College of Florida’s Model UN organization and team. NCFMUN encourages research into global issues and provides a forum for meaningful discussion of global issues and international relations by hosting educational workshops, guest speakers, and conferences. Club programming is designed to foster a space to learn and practice formal debate, problem-solving skills, obtain better understandings of other countries, and improve the communication skills of our members. Our team travels and participates in MUN academic competitions. All New College students interested are welcome to participate.

  • Middle East Interest Club

    Leen Al-Fatafta

    Middle East interest club is a student-run organization that aims to present Middle Eastern culture, history, and politics to the student body.

  • Mental Health Alliance

    Arlee Boyett

    The Mental Health Alliance makes the campus a safe and supportive place by reducing mental health stigma and misunderstandings, promoting positive self-care and education, and spreading useful resources.

  • Magic the Gathering

    Ian McNair

    The New College Magic the Gathering club provides a space for students to congregate over, learn, discuss and play Magic: The Gathering.

  • Literature Magazine

    Brian Landes

    Our mission is to create an organization of students interested in creative writing. These students will then work together to create multiple issues of these magazine each semester. 

  • League of Legends Club

    Noah Johnson

    The League of Legends club is a place for students to play, view and generally build a community around League of Legends.

  • LatinX Club

    Jennyfer Gonzalez

    To combat stereotypes that are perpetuated in our everyday society and to unite all the students on campus who identify as Latinx. You do not have to identify as Latinx or speak Spanish to be a part of this club.

  • LARPing Club

    Lemon Lin

    Our Mission is to bring LARPing to the NCF campus, foster a community of those that love LARPing/D&D/Cosplaying, and create a space that allows for wonderful ideas to be turned into playable campaigns.

  • Kink Positive

    Rebecca Phillips, Kris Brzostek

    We are a club that promotes healthy kink, BDSM, and fetishes. We provide a space and conversation for interested people to come and be with like minded people. We heavily emphasize consent and the physical and emotional safety of all the parties involved. No club event involves sexual contact in any way, shape or form.

  • Jesus Club

    Gabriella Elmir

    Jesus Club is comprised of students from Christian backgrounds, however anyone is welcome to come. We meet once a week in the GDC for fellowship with other students who believe in the Christian faith. At meetings we normally have a Bible study, listen to Christian music and close in prayer.

  • Hillel

    Kira Rib, Jessica Zimmerman

    New College Hillel seeks to facilitate and invigorate Jewish life on campus with weekly events, carpools to services at local synagogues, Birthright trips and many other exciting opportunities.

  • Four Winds Cycling Club

    Cole Zelznak

     This club is for anyone at New College who wants to meet other people and ride bikes. “Official” biweekly club events will also be organized and posted online. Club rides at the beginning of the year will start out easy, as our aim is to get riders to share their experience and knowledge so everyone can become more comfortable with basic and advanced riding skills. Riders of all experience levels are welcome, as long as they are OK with the stated pace of a ride! Most group rides will adhere to a ‘no-drop’ policy; if you are not comfortable being left behind, someone will stay with you or the group’s pace will slow.

  • Food Not Bombs

    Contact Zachary Conn

    The mission of Food Not Bombs is to recover and share free food with the public without restriction to protest war, poverty and the destruction of the environment.

  • Disability/Chronic Illness Group

    Joan Owens, Milo Bickel

    A safe space and active resource for chronically ill or disabled students.

  • Deutsch Klub

    Connie Miranda

    The German Club is for anyone with interest in celebrating Germany’s culture. Germany proficiency is not required. The German Club gets together to watch some good German movies, have German picnics in the beach, and have fun. For those taking German courses, there’s also the chance to get together for a study group. However, the German Club whole purpose is to have fun while enjoying the great culture that Germany has.

  • Creative Writing Club

    Emily Posson

    Description: Creative Writing Club is for anyone who has a love or interest in any type of non-academic writing. It is a place for students to share work and have it critiqued, if they so choose, and to expand on projects they are currently working on or want to work on.

  • Crafting Club

    Volanta Peng

    CC (otherwise known as Craft Club) aims to bring fun, interesting, useful and personalized crafts to the New College community. Crafts will always be open to the public.

  • Council of Green Affairs

    Adilyne McKinlay

    The Council of Green Affairs is a branch of the New College Student Alliance dedicated to making campus more environmentally sustainable. They allocate funds from the Green Fee, a pool of money set aside for students to use on projects related to sustainability.

  • Comedy Friends!

    Zachary Conn

    The Comedy Friends are the comedy improv group on campus who strive to create a safe and welcoming space for those who love to laugh and make others laugh in return. We plan to meet twice a week for “rehearsals” composed of playing improv games, and then perform a selection of these games in front of a live New College Audience!

  • College Democrats

    George Thurlow

    The NCF Democrats are the club that advocates and represents the Democratic Party on campus. We work with local, state, and national political organizations in order to accomplish change. As well, we frequently attend events and conventions that have exciting guest speakers.

  • Chinese Culture Club

    Kenneth Kent

    Chinese Culture Club is a chance for students to be exposed to traditional and modern Chinese culture with biweekly table topics and biweekly movie nights. The meetings will be led by our Fulbright Scholar from China. All meetings will be conducted in English so as to welcome the whole campus to experience such a rich and fascinating civilization. This is a great supplement for Chinese and East Asian AOCs as well as just a cool opportunity for those interested in exploring another culture.

  • Chainmaille Club

    Shelly Lehman

    The Chainmaille Club is a club which provides a social setting for students to both learn how to work with chainmaille and to create pretty things out of little colored rings.

  • Bull Sharks Dive Club

    Lisa Crawford

    The Bull Sharks dive club strives to offer scuba diving opportunities and education to all New College students, faculty and alumni. We run monthly dive trips to exciting diving locations all over Florida that are open to members of all certification levels and abilities. Each semester the Bull Sharks partner with local dive shop, Scuba Quest, to offer introductory diving certification courses at discounted rates. Our goal is to facilitate safe and responsible scuba diving and to explore Florida beneath the waves!

  • Black History Month Committee

    Nasib McIntonish, Donovan Brown

    “But diversity is neither sustainable nor valuable without a campus culture that welcomes difference and the vigorous exchange of ideas that often conflict.” This is a quote from the NCF Four Year Plan. As an organization, we are working toward building a campus climate that truly feels open and accepting towards its community members of color. Our plan is to affect change by creating spaces and hosting events that encourage community members to critically engage with issues of race and identity in their personal lives and in relation to the larger social world.

  • Astronomy Club

    Madison Smith

    Astronomy Club aims to provide an environment for students to enjoy astronomy and all that it offers outside of the classroom setting.

  • Anime Club

    Carly Pomeroy, Brianna.Brand

    The cultural appreciation of Japanese animation.

  • Animal Interest Club

    Olivia Van Housen

    To promote and provide opportunities for volunteering/internships to students in areas of shelter animals, animals of the homeless/displaced/disabled, feral cats, service dogs and wildlife conservation.

  • Anarchy Deathsticks

    Alex Johnson, Meagan Ash

    Anarchy DeathSticks is a club where people can get together to knit and/or crochet, or even possibly learn to do either.

  • All Power to the Imagination

    Api Conference

    API provides an opportunity to discuss how theory and practice can work together to create stronger, more successful social movements. We sponsor an academic conference each spring.

  • Aikido Club

    Devon Powell

    Aikido Club aims to teach students the fundamentals of Tomiki Aikido through weekly meetings with a local sensei. Students can expect to learn concepts in self-defense and proper movements to avoid injury.

  • Aced It!

    Arlee Boyett

    Aced It is the asexual (not experiencing sexual attraction) student group on campus. We take confidentiality seriously and are open to students who identify as being on the asexual spectrum; this includes asexuality, demisexuality, and grey-asexuality.