Be a ROADS scholar.

As a Novo Collegian, you already know about New College's success in producing Fulbright Fellows, National Science Foundation award winners and other notables. But were you aware that New College has an even bigger group of honorees than these? They are our ROADS Scholars and they benefit the lives of hundreds of students on campus each year.

What's a ROADS Scholar? It's a Florida resident who owns a New College of Florida specialty license plate ... or better yet two. For just $30 per year for the plate, New College receives $25 that goes directly toward student scholarships, faculty endowments and academic programming. In other words, more than 90 percent of the proceeds from the sale of each plate go directly to New College to support our students!

Here is what alumnae/i can do to help:

• If you don't already own a New College plate, consider purchasing one. It's as easy as contacting your local DMV office, or you can find information online at

• If you already own a plate, consider giving a gift certificate for a plate to a family member, friend or to another alum. Gift certificates are available online at

• Contact your local members of the Florida House and Senate and let them know that you want New College of Florida to keep its plate. To find more information on your local legislators, visit




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