Senior Thesis Projects in Art

Each academic experience builds toward your senior thesis project. It’s required for graduation, and our students tell us that while it’s demanding, it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Here are some thesis projects in Art:

 “Dwelling: an Exploration of Home and Memory” by Eugenie Fortier

“Watching You without Me” by Sherry Haber

“Playing God: Paintings of companies that pollute water and the repercussions of their actions” by Alexandra Miranda

“In Grain: Liberation from Self Through Iterations in Wood” by Suzanne Olvey

“GROUP AGGRESSION: Reflexive Masculinity in the Male Painter” by Ben Sims

“Candy Land” by Brittney Champagne

“Alterity Atelier” by Nathan C. Duvall

“Transfiguration” by Carmen Guillen-Casal

“Fragmented Perspective” by Megan MacGregor

“Perspective” by Heather Mullins

“Seeing Through the Grid” by Sarah Newberry

“Geometric Geography: Harmonizing with the Florida Keys” by Lauren Parker

“A "Queery" of Sex and Gender” by Elizabeth Lang Tracy

“Facebook Sluts: Transcoding between Voyeuristic Media and Figure Painting” by Dinah Juergens

“Fero Corpum Ferri: An exploration of the role of human physiology against a backdrop of everincreasing mechanical supplantation” by David Bennett

“Associations: An Art Thesis” by Christine Dormoy

“Shutter Speed: Deconstructing a Photographic Ideal” by Claire Krueger

“Subversive Play” by Persephone Thorn-Hauswirth

“Shared Anxiety, Shared Identity: Exploring the Crisis of Subjectivity in the Art Object” by Misha Wyllie

“Re: Vanishers for Premature Burial & TMT” by Jared Dyer

“A Planet in Our Solar System” by John Dillon

“Into the Primitive” by Alejandra Ferreyros

“Strangely Familiar: Finding Place in Nonplace” by Mia Johnson

“Liminal Spaces: Video Art as a Tool for Representing Subjectivity and Poeticizing Perception” by ChloĆ« Kendall

“Europe: A Brief Walking Tour” by Melissa Soforic

“Metropolitan Twilight” by Rachel Warzeski

“Transience, Fragmentation and Fruit: Modernizing VANITAS Still Life Paintings” by Angela Faustina Kramer

“Losing My Marbles: A Mausoleum of Memory” by Kimberly Vorperian

“Mapping Identity: Relationships Between In/Out Space” by Jessica Borusky

“Desiring Intersubjective Unity” by Kristin Eschenroeder

“Perception Interpreted through Abstraction” by Paloma Ferreyros

“Buying the Image: A Visual Analysis of Advertising” by Kathleen Gemmer

“Combining Abstraction and Illusionism: Dynamic Tension and Systems of Randomness” by Kalen Jennings

“Femininity and the Body: An Installation Concerning Social Alienation” by Melanie Kielich

“Delineating and Expanding Upon the History of Combining Performanace Art with Sculpture, and an Analysis of My Own Work in Terms of Performance, Sculpture, Interactivity, and Politics” by Alexis Kohilakis

“The Fetus in Black and White: Art, Abortion, and the Fetus” by Lina Maslo

“The Missing Peace: Finding the Beauty within Chaos” by Dylan Terry

“OoooOO0ooOOOoooo0O0ze” by Eugenia Semjonova

“Art About Art: A Conversation on Convention” by Cody Coltharp

“Windows to an Imaginary Realm” by Maria Falkov

“A Little Perspective: A Personal Exploration of the Significance of Perception with Particular Focus on the Understanding of Time” by Caroline Naomi Foss

“Still Life: A meditation on Impermanence in installation Art and Otherwise.” by Mary Hill

“Evolution through Networks” by Leonardo Infante

“The Administrative State” by Calder Yates

“Jewish Art and the Second Commandment” by Andrew Heber

“Domesticated: An installation Art Project” by Rebecca Borlan

“Tangles Views” by Richard Duffy

“Dixie” by Lauren Grant

“A Discussion of Artistic Process and Product in Relation to the Short Film Tiga Negri Tambal” by Chris (Plastron) Gray

“People, Places and Spaces-8 Countries, 4 Months, 1 Artist.” by Marina Williams

“Mnemonic Memorials” by Heather Butler

“Art as Intervention in Public Space” by Graham Coreil-Allen

“Written Component” by Jared Hartman

“Mechanical Life in a Gallery Setting” by Sara Kemme

“The Landscape and Identity” by Julian Corvin

“New Material(s)” by Kelly Goff

“Art and Nature: Explorations in Individual Perspective” by Elizabeth Adorian Kovacs

“Horses in Shametown: Collecting Denver's Dark-Hick Roots” by Lindsay Moore

“Reeling Imaginary” by Lori Zurkuhlen

“An Illustrated Key to the Nitidulid Sap Beetles in South West Florida Strawberries” by Allison Long

“Girls and Goddesses: Artistic Explorations of Memory, Myth and Dream” by Jennifer Bossert

“Spoiled Products for Gross Girls” by Regina Gelfo

“Flowers, Foxes and Fish, Oh My: A Study of the Natural Form” by Melissa Cain

“Self: The Operational Definition Sources of Imagery” by Jenny Conn

“Balanced Metaphor” by Miriam Crummer

“Transparent Skin” by Sarah Goff

“Magic Lanterns: Light Painting By Number” by Shannon M. Zelitch

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