Annual Fund Donors for Fiscal Year 2012-2013

President's Circle
Chip Gaylor and Jody Fountain
George A. and Gertrude E. Goepfrich Fund
Christine L. Hamilton-Hall '78 and Malcolm Hamilton-Hall
Patrick J. Hennigan
Keith and Linda Monda
Stanley Newmark
Lee M. Peterson
Vicki '65 and Charles '64 Raeburn
Felice Schulaner '78 and Dennis Rees

Provost's Circle

Sharon Landesman Ramey '65 and Craig Ramey

1960 Society

Joy T. Barnitz '70 and Douglas G. Stinson '71
Jon and Donna Boscia/Boscia Family Foundation
Susan C. Burns '76 and Lawrence Eger
David L. Goldman '71 and Linda Blackwell
John L. Hansen '76
Paula Deutsch '77 and Roger Klurfeld '68
John J. Lentini '69
David '71 and Dianne Lipsey
John and Judy Martin
Cynthia McCague/The Coca-Cola Company Matching Gifts Program - Cynthia McCague
Gordon E."Mike" Michalson and Susannah Michalson
Wesley and Marianne Morris
Mary L. Ruiz '73 and Dennis B. Wilkison
Robert M. Smith '70
Alyson Haley Woodworth '70 and Arthur V. Woodworth '70


Jesse B. Abrams '94
Mary Janis Andrews '82 and Tony Andrews
Vincent and Caroline Andrus
Sharron '67 and Kit Arbuckle '66
Brud Arthur
Robert '74 and Atkinson '74 and Anne-Marie Atkinson
Susan Bailey and E. Lloyd Dunn
Bradford Baker/The Brad Baker Advised Fund of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County
Anne M. Baker '84
Fanny Fitch Bangoura '95 and Larmine Bangora
David A. Banks '05
Esther L. Barazzone '64/Dollar Bank Foundation
Damian R. Beil '95
Thomas L. Bell '64
Beneva Flowers and Gifts, Inc.
Kristin R. Benson '94
Linda D. Benua '64
Andrea Deeb Berger '78 and David Berger/Towers Waston
Mercedes Binninger
James K. Binninger
Sheila A. Bishop '91
Charles and Margaret Bishop
Seth and Margo Black
Robert and Marlene Blalock
Erin M. Blasco '01
Connie "Chela" D. Blitt '72
Kristin E. Vekasi '98 and Nicholas B. Boissoneault '99
Ryan and Pamela Boland
Steven and Joyce Bolotin
Steven and Michele Bourlett
Lawrence A. Bowdish '00
Suzyn Montgomery '83 and Colin Boyle '89
Alissa Branham '91
Charles J. Briggs '78
Diane Basara Britton '77/IBM Corporation
Rachel I. Brody
Andrea G. Brody-Barre '09
Stephen and Katherine Brown
William M. Brown '85
Christina Brown '97
John and Stephanie Brown
Michael '83 and DeeDee Brustad
Bradley W. Bryan '96
Trina D. Bryant '97
Martin and Mary Buckingham
Christopher B. Bundrick '92
Marc R. Buntaine '72 and Catherine Buntaine
Raymonda L. Burgman '91
Charles K. Burruss '92/Xcel Energy Foundation Matching Program
Jake K. Byrnes '96
Lynda Loss Caesara '70
Maureen T. Cannon '73 and Arnie Levy
Ariel P. Cannon '90
Joven Carandang '97
Rebecca L. Carlton-Fernandez '91
Gordon and Sue Certain
Katherine R. Chandler '76 and Roy Chandler
Margaret Chapman '71 and Ronald Balon
Christopher and Deborah Charles
Charles Q. Choi '95
Douglas G. Christy '96
Russell and Teresa Claeys
Theodore Clark and Suzanne Kindervatter
Dr. Colleen Clark '70 and Rex Lee
Stuart Clarry '86
Freddie M. Clary '70
Suzanne Clayton '88
Robert '83 and Julie Clayton
Gregory and Annette Cloos
James and Sheilah Cloud
Amy R. Coats '93
Damon '90 and Maureen Cochran
Jennifer '86 and Gavin Cockayne
William "Brian" Cody, Jr. '02
Richard Coe
William and Audrey Coleman
Gayle Coons '68 and Kenneth Coons
Graham M. Coreil-Allen '02
Thomas M. Corwin '70 and Carol Cichowski
Wendy E. Coulter '93 and Douglas Reeve
Donald Crowell and Nanci J. Adler
John L. Cunniff '86
Michael Cunningham and Catherine May
Martha Cunningham
Matthew B. Curtis '75
Susan J. da Silva '68 and William Mac
Helen Damico
Stephen R. Danner '93
Sara M. Daum '95 and Jonathan W. Vesely '95
Catherine Jones Davies '67
Erin Calhoun Davis '88 and Gare Calhoun
Gabrielle Y. DeFiebre '06
Kenneth and Janice Deihl
Dorothy Heyl '71 and Thomas DePietro '73
Amy S. Diamond '70 and Robert Whitton
Eva M. Dillon '86
Chelsea Jones Dinsmore '87 and Mark Dinsmore
David and Joanne Dix
Maria Dodd
April M. Doner-Guarneri '02
William C. Dudley '71 and Ann Darby
Stephen M. Duprey '71 and Susan Duprey
Carla M. Eastis '88 and Michael Serulneck '89
Robin '73 and Aron Edidin '73
Arthur and Katherine Edison
William H. Eidtson '92
Elizabeth M. Elia '97 and Gabriel Pacyniak '97
Rachel '97 and Austin Eliazar '99
Deirdre Woolsey Ellis '86 and Norman Ellis
Sandra "Dya" Englert Saugeron '84
Elizabeth M. Epstein Sherman '97 and Benjamin L. Epstein Sherman '96
Rhonda '75 and Mark Evans '75
Sharon Levine '97 and Jason Evans '95
Candace E. Fallon '01
Wendi '96 and Pete Fellner
Maria D. Fernandez '90
George W. Fifield '69 and Lynne Adams Fifield
Robert '72 and Marion Fish
Morgan "Terry" Fisher and Constance Roy-Fisher
Ronald L. Fisher, Jr. '79 and Ellen Fisher
Richard and Karen Fixler
Michelle M. Flint '91 and Bob Linde
Bryan W. Flood '83 and Jodi Flood
John N. Fockler, Jr.
Judith Newton '83 and Benjamin Ford '83
Carol L. Foster '73 and Bob Drinkwater
Inge Fryklund '64
William and Anne Furlow
DeeAnn Garey-Roy '78 and Greg Roy
Cope and Anne Garrett
Carol L. Gaskin '70
Monica M. Gaughan '86 and Barry Bozeman
Gerald N. Gaul '79 and Joanne Gaul
James H. Geiger '80 and Kathy Foley
Jackson J. George '95
Ken and Katy Getz
Rajesh Ghoshal '99
Scott E. Gillig and Pamela A. Cingel-Gillig
Andrew J. Giomi and Joan E. Blackburn
Anthony Giordano '78 and Heidi Spanninger
Jennifer L. Glanville '88 and Benton J. McCune
Sarah Parshall Goff '99 and Shawn Goff
Donald Y. Goldberg '68
Laura L. Goldenberg '70
Lisa '70 and Tom Goldring
Charlotte Gollobin
Joe and Susan Gonzalez
Chaim Goodman-Strauss and Kendall Curlee
David Gorfein
Eric L. Gottshall '79 and Maria Gottshall
Joan S. Gowan
Jean-Claude Grattery and Nine Musinsky
Robert and Leslye Greenberg
Leslie J. Greene '73
Edward M. Greenfield '75 and Cathleen Carlin
Matthew W. Grieco '94 and Kimberly Grieco
Josh Grigsby '97
Janet Jun Gusukuma Hamilton '69 and Neil Hamilton
Glenn D. Haake '77 and Gloria Haake
Michael L. Haber '92
Elaine M. Hall '75 and Jeff Frymer
Renée Hamad
Nancy L. Hammond '71
Eleanor Harding
Peter '98 and Rachel Hart-Brinson
Judson W. Harvey '74 and Martha Scholl
Richard and Michelle Harvey
Amy Haskell '68
Susanne A. Hauger '85 and Dinko Trotter
John and Joan Hayes
Kathryn R. Helms '99 and Jeffrey M. Huber '00
Ronald '76 and Elena Helmuth
Edward J. Henley, Jr. '69 and Sheryl Henley
Patricia Barrand Herman '69 and William S. Herman '68
Cindy A. Hill '89
Sarah A. Himmelheber '96
Gregory M. Hogan '77 and Ana Hogan
Leigh A. Holcomb '87 and David Atherton
Peter and Teri Holtslander
Hannah Honeyman
Christine A. Hope '67
Richard J & Diane B House State Farm Companies Foundation -
Barbara Mellen '70 and Samuel Howell '70
Gary '69 and Nadia Howell
Ruee Huang '95
Jean M. Huffman '79
Ke Ching Hung and Martha Hung
Jennifer Hurst '68
Bruce '69 and Ann Hutcheon
Shotaro and Sonia Imaizumi
Lisa B. Silverman '89 and Brian D. Israel '88
Nelson A. Italiano III '80
Melanie '00 and Karl Iverson Kaufman
Mary E. Burfisher '73 and Bruce D. Jacobs '73
Michael and Linda Jakubisin
Christine Jennings
William and Elizabeth Johnston
Kelly M. Jones '98
Louis D. Joyner '74
Joel S. Judd '69
Elise Z. Kaplan '75
Victoria A. Kazmerski '77 and Gleen McKnight
Sharon L. Corwin '88 and Martin F. Kelly '87
Sarah J. Kemp '99
Lois E. Kent '88
Julie B. Kessel '79
Eliza A. Khuner '87
Raymond Schmidt and Franceen King
Charles B. Kinney '69
W. Glenn Kirkconnell '78 and Leslee Kirkconnel
David A. Kling '05
Karl and Susan Kling
Robert C. Klinkel
Bruce Krueger and Ellen Cowley
Marissa C. Krumm '03
Paul D. Kuc '73 and Alice Kuc
Grace La Torra '77
Christine R. Laing '80
Gail Lancaster
Kenneth and Marilyn Lane
Amy Smoker '82 and Ernest Lanier '82
Emmett and Andrea Larson
Kara K. Larson '00 and Thomas Keene
Thomas L. Lashar '86
Steven Y. Lee
Peter F. Lee
Albert and Evelyn Lerman
Lisa Leuchter
Jo Ann Levin '71 and Vance Kidder
Lee Levine
Melissa Dodge Lewis '91 and Victor Lewis III '89
Erin K. Lipp '91
Natalie R. Lloyd '99
Christopher J. Lo Frisco '79
Elizabeth Buzzelli Logan '84 and Sam Logan
Carole Loggia '82
Stephanie Moorhead Lott '92 and Michael "Chris" Lott '92
Lisa and Lee Lumpkin
Virginia "Ginger" Lyon '70
Malcolm A. Maclachlan '89
Timothy Magill '86/ Bank of America Matching Gift Program
Jeanie Mann-Hoehn '89 and Gregory A. Mann '91
Alex D. Manning '93/United Parcel Service
Stefanie L. Marazzi '00
Donald and Judith Markstein
John A. Massa '71 and Marilyn Massa
Sara A. May '99
Cynthia Laks McCan '79 and David C. McCan '83
Margaret Carroll McCauley '77 and Steve McCauley
Michael '89 and Kristin McCreery
Nathalie and John McCulloch
Michael A. McCulloch '02
Kathleen '91 and Ben McDowell
Eugene "Mac" McDowell
John B. McGowan, Jr. '80 and Kathleen Muscato
Mari R. McGrath '99
Robert and Olivia McKean
Michael K. McKnight '88 and Annmarie Valdes
Timothy and Louisa McQueeney
Richard L. Meadows '87 and Stephanie Meadows
Larry and Suzanne Mercer
James A. Mercer-Smith '71 and Janet Mercer-Smith
Sally M. Merry
Blanca Mesa
Douglas Messineo '94
Frances Sobel Michels '76 and Ralf Michels
Joelle D. Miller and Robert Slackman
Amy Weinstein '74 and Brenton Miller '76
Robert A. Miller
Claire A. Miller '02
Steve and Brenda Mills
Lisa M. Milot '88
Harrem F. Monkhorst '88 and Kristen Monkhorst
Nancy Haber '72 and Leonard Monteith '71
Neil and Margaret Mooney
Allen and Eugenia Moore
G. Lowe Morrison
John D. Mullen '85 and Sheila Seig
Jerald and Bette Mullersman
Sarah K. Mullersman '02
Charles E. Murphy '70 and Katy Murphy
Beth Nelson Myers '86 and Bruce Myers
Barry and Julia Myers
Richard A. Neff '68
Mary Wright Neitz '69 and Peter Neitz
Kari G. Noren-Hoshal '78 and Richard Hoshal
Ian J. Norris '88 and Wendi Norris
D. Ross Ohlandt '95 and Chad Ohlandt
Julie E. Omohundro '71
Alexis Orgera '95
Tatjana Ostapoff '68 and Kenneth Selvig
Alexandra C. Givens '90 and John M. O'Sullivan '91
Kerry and Connie Ozer
Jason R. Palmeri '95
Kathryn M. Parr '97 and Pinray Huang '00
Moira "Mimi" Cosgrove Pate '64
Elizabeth "Zabet" '93 and Andrew Patterson
Edward and Marjorie Patterson
Dave and Sue Pedersen
Jill M. Pellarin '70
Anna R. Perlmutter '00 and Ashley Beach
Konnie Kruczek '91 and Douglas Perry '90
Adriana Petersen
Marguerite K. Ploss
Alex J. Pogel '85 and Kelly Maynard
Robert Posner
Linda Posner
Jennifer R. Potter '01
Jodi P. Pracht '88 and Etienne E. Pracht '85
Steven D. Prenner '85
Dallas and Jeanette Pryor
Randall '73 and Precious Puttick
Joan C. Quintana '79 and Juan J. Quintana '79
Kathleen Dively Raskin '64 and Stephen Raskin
Miryam "Rosie" Rees and Eugene Servillo
Candice A. Reffe '71
Dr. Jennifer L. Rehm '95
Helga and Reuben Resnik*
Matthew H. Reynolds '87 and Karen Jackson
Philip '72 and Marshalle Rich
Mitchell J. Richards '80
Mark and Susan Rimelspach
Meghan J. Rimelspach '01
Reid Rivers and Marynelle Hardee
Andrea Thomas Rivers '98
Adam R. Rivers '97
Melanie Roberti
Raymond and Diane Roberts
Paul and Nancy Robinson
Randall A. Rodda
Rolf E. Rolles '02
Robert Rollings '97
Jeanne Rosenberg '64 and Max Trumpower
William D. Rosenblum '89
Lori and Steve Rosenfeld
Peter A. Ross '75 and Roza Ross
Ronald H. Rostow '80
Bradley and Amy Rothenberg
Betty T. Rushton '75
Susan L. Rutherford '88
Andrew J. Sacks '70 and Maureen Sacks
Carrie Carrel Sadovnik '89 and Nir Sadovnik
John and Abby Salinas
Christina L. Salter '79
Kelly K. Samek '94
Dana A. Lockwood '89 and Mark M. Sanders '89
Susan Sapoznikoff '83
Samuel D. Sapp '67
Carla J. Sarett '70
David G. Savarese '00 and Mary Leggiero
Susan '67 and Dave Sawyer
Melissa A. Schaub '89 and Roger Ladd
Eric Schickler '87
Barry and Brenda Schiff
David B. Schwartz '66
Nathan H. Schwartz '70 and Wendy Pfeffer
Timothy A. Seaver '75 and Laura Seaver
Russell B. Selman '72
Jay Shanken '69
Paul H. Shaphren '73
Jeremy '04 and Katelyn Sherman
James D. Shoemaker '70 and Mary Nielsen
Mehrbad and Margaret Shooshani
Eric R. Siegel '85 and Lisa Siegel
Jodi L. Siegel '77 and Robert Robins
Steen Sigmund and Shirley Copperman
Mitchell L. Silverman '91 and Becky Katz
Jerry A. Simmons '79 and Carolyn Simmons
Stanley '69 and Blanche Skubic
Jonathan S. Smiga '75
Dale and Karen Smith
Jennifer K. Smith '93
David L. Smith '71 and Vivian Cooke-Buckhoy
David and Margaret Smith
Katherine M. Snider '89
Gary Sokolow
Thomas N. Sorrell '70 and Elizabeth Moore
Clark and Jean Southworth
Stephen '72 and Martha Sparks
Ann Marie Spencer '01
Susan J. Spieker '70 and Samuel Jackson
Jason A. Spitzer '92 and Kathleen Dawson Spitzer
A. Marie Sprayberry '72
Art and Kim Stadlin
Lisa R. Stampnitzky '92
Claudia J. Stanny
Ellen Horowitz Stein '69 and Norman P. Stein '69
Robert E. Stillman '71
Curtis '67 and Marie Stokes
Leslie and Don Stork
Kenneth Stricklett
Katherine "Pete" Summers '98
Collier and Karen Summers
Rory J. Sutton '72 and Donna Thomas
Dwight D. Synan '88
Marilyn M. Tapscott '71 and Scott Eliasof
Lynne M. Tarakan '71 and Ken Davis
Noah A. Teitelbaum '94 and Lisa Amarasingham
Rhonda Tew
Valerie Ethridge Tharnish '78
Gail Johnson Thelen '67 and Thomas Thelen
Donald M. Thieme '76
Larry and Pat Thompson
Elizabeth Paré Tietsworth '84 and Dr. James H. Tietsworth '84
Shawn Dougherty '81 and Robert Tonnies '79
Kristin L. Towhill '97
Amanda O. Townsend '92 and Christoper Townsend
Shanna K. Turner '06
John '68 and Brenda Van Ness
Jessica T. Willis '96 and Ian Vandewalker '97
Allison '98 and Bryan Vest
Evelyn Villalobos
James and Bonnie Voirin
Christian and Mirna Waidele
Cally L. Waite '82
Kathy J. Wallens '70 and Kenn Hill
Susan J. Wallner '80 and Mark Kobasz
Barney L. Warf
Moira K. Warnock '90
Robert M. Watts, Jr. '73 and Linda Recht
Ruth E. Folit '70 and Dr. Marc L. Weinberg '70
Alison C. Weinger Bernstein
David and Edris Weis
Thomas Weislocher '68
Elizabeth A. Wells '70 and Gerald Allen
Dorothy Srygley Wells '79
Patricia Quets West '78
Paul L. Wexler '72
Karla Wheeler
Thomas '67 and Linda White/Rimon Law Firm
William A. White III '97
Marianne '88 and Glenn Whitehouse '86
Cecelia S. Wu '93 and Robert A. Wildey, Jr. '90
Mark E. Wilkens 86
Amy C. Willis '71
Steve and Agnete Wilson
William "Randy" Winchester '75 and Mimi Emig
Alicia G. Windsor '99
Nancy L. Winfrey '77
Sarah Winsor and Keith Duncan
Mary H. Wise '72 and Robert Wise
Rachel Dreisbach Wissner '71 and Robert Wissner
Lawrence I. Wolf '68
William C. Wolfe '82/Union Bank of California Foundation
Andrea Blum Works '84 and Austin E. Works '82
Mark and Lori Wyllie
Odile N. Yeramian Le Roy
Thomas Yori '68 and Judy Yori
John V. Yukus
Sofia L. Zander '93 and Zachary Franklin
Mauri A. Ziff '84 and Jeff Hamond
Frank and Anita Zimmerman
Steven and Susan Zorn
Andrea L. Zucker '70 and Gary Janko
Susan L. Zuckerman-Attas '69 and Peter Attas


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