immortalize something.

Your name, favorite quote, or gift in honor of a loved one can be immortalized in the “Center of the Universe.”

Set your statement in stone

In 2008, the New College Alumnai/e Association, in cooperation with the New College Foundation, initiated a brick and paver project that addresses New College’s need for increased funding for out-of-state students with the goal of returning New College to a 50/50 ratio of in-state to out-of-state students.

Through The Palm Court Endowed Scholarship Fund, alums and friends helped us exceed our $250,000 goal. The Palm Court Endowment will generate approximately $18,750 annually for scholarships in perpetuity.

The NCAA has now set its sights on increasing the endowment for the Alumnae/i Fellows Program, which has grown over two decades to become a valuable resource for the entire New College community by enabling alumnae/i to come back and teach at New College in support of the academic program.

What’s more, your fully tax deductible donation will be commemorated by a brick, paver, or silver plaque name plate in Palm Court. Now your name, favorite quote, or gift in honor of a loved one can be immortalized in the “Center of the Universe.”

Your custom engraving can include the Four Winds logo if desired and offers recognition to a wide variety of people, groups and events such as a retired faculty member, an honorary alum, the memory of a close friend or classmate, your graduating or entering class, a current or graduating student, or a New College student club or organization.

Purchasing a brick or paver as a group is easy! The Alumnae/i Association is happy to help bring your group together in making a commemorative donation.

The opportunities are endless. Gifts above $1500 can be paid over a period of up to three years, and commitments from $100 to $1,500 can be paid within one year through monthly payments.

Your brick or paver will be placed inside the newly renovated Palm Court.

To order a brick or paver, please contact the Alumnae/i Association office by phone at 941-487-4800 or by e-mail at