Connecting students and alumni

For students whose future is not yet formed, what better role model is there than a New College alum who has successfully made his or her way in the world?

For students whose future is not yet formed, what better role model is there than a New College alum who has successfully made his or her way in the world?

The New College of Florida mentoring program provides enrolled New College students the opportunity to establish a one-to-one relationship with a New College graduate or local professional. The purpose is to provide New College students with additional guidance, exposure and contacts related to their pursuit of life goals. The value of the program is in the lessons learned, and this education can occur in a variety of formats. Mentors can provide support on a regular basis, offer to be available “as needed,” or share their expertise in a group setting.

In recent years, NCAA has sponsored Coffee Talks that connect students with alumni who share their “real world” experiences with the eager listeners. These talks are always popular with the students, who love to hear how alumni made the transition from college student to professional.

In addition to the Coffee Talks, the NCAA has hosted networking event at local businesses owned and operated by New College alums. Alums regularly engage in classroom education opportunities as well. For instance, Charter Class alum John Cranor, a Harvard Business School graduate and corporate CEO, offers an ongoing business tutorial for students interested in a career in business.

We encourage our alumni to provide students with off-campus experiences such as internships and shadowing.

While not required for graduation, experiential learning is encouraged and even academically incorporated: Off-campus internships may be included in an academic contract and may help fulfill Independent Study Project or Independent Research Project requirements. For more information about providing internship or job opportunities to students, check out New College’s Center for Engagement and Opportunity.

Another way for students to connect with alumni is by participating in The New College Fund phonathon. Student callers are responsible for reaching out to alumni, parents and friends. They foster relationships, offer updates on campus events and news, and raise unrestricted dollars in order to help maintain and improve the New College educational experience. Without the financial support of our graduates, parents and friends, this quality education would be impossible to achieve. For this reason, our phonathon student callers are not only calling to ask for financial support, they are also calling to thank alumni for the exceptional opportunities and experiences they provide.

Student callers are full-time New College students who work throughout the academic year, securing unrestricted money and thanking donors for recent gifts. If you have excellent communication skills and want to have fun reaching out to members of the New College family, contact us at (941) 487-4800.