Special Places

From the Bayfront to the Four Winds, there are very special places that help make New College of Florida a great place to learn.

Orientation/Commencement at College hall

The New College experience typically begins and ends at College Hall and the Bayfront.

For many students, their first impressions forms as they walk up to the stately marble mansion that once belonged to Charles Ringling, and sit down in the formal dining room to talk with an admissions counselor.

A few months to a year later, they congregate on the lawn behind the building during Orientation for mocktails, the Macarena and sunset.

And then a few years later (and probably many times in between), they return for the costumes and finery and hugs at Commencement.

Open Space / Four Winds Area

Near the Four Winds Café, members of the Pollinator Ecology Club are building their first two gardens, with the goal of establishing and maintaining viable pollinator habitats on campus.

Over two semesters, the club’s students researched pollinator ecology and selected suitable plants for the campus gardens.

By planting native Florida wildflowers, they are providing important food sources and nesting sites for native pollinators.

Their goal this year is winning New College certification from Bee City USA as a Bee Campus!

Dance Collective at Sainer Pavilion

Dance Collective packed Sainer Pavilion for two nights of student-choreographer and student-performed routines, in genres including tap, hip-hop, burlesque and ballet.

This year’s show was on May 6-7. Dance Collective’s showcase is always at the end of the semester and is sponsored by April Flakne, associate professor of philosophy. Dancers can receive academic credit for the Collective by choreographing one piece, performing in two and keeping a journal of their experiences.

“I was nervous the first time,” Olivia Short, a choreographer and third-year student, told the New College Tangent student news magazine. “It was definitely fun when I wasn’t nervous anymore, and it’s really fun when the crowd gets going and starts cheering with us. Dance is a good way to bring people from different backgrounds together and to do something that’s fun and healthy and challenging and cool.”


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