New College alumnae/i lead uncommon lives.

Novo Collegians have followed career paths as diverse and rewarding as one can imagine.

Novo Collegians have followed career paths as diverse and rewarding as one can imagine. They are inventors, musicians, politicians, doctors and entrepreneurs. New College graduates make big contributions in the fields of business, education, medicine, entertainment and human services. You can read about many of them by visiting Alumni Stories.

All graduates of New College become members of the Association upon graduation. Any person who has withdrawn from New College after having completed at least one academic term becomes a member of the Association upon advising the Vice Chair of the Association in writing of his or her desire to become a member. In addition, the Board of Directors may designate “Honorary Alumnae/i.”

Board of Directors
Frazier Carraway (’72-’76) – Chair of the NCAA Board
Maia Hinkle (’05-’07) – Chair of the Governance Committee
Colin Boyle (’89-’95) – Chair of the Communications Committee
Chad Bickerton (’05-’09) – Chair of the Fundraising and Finance Committee
Cindy Hill (’89-’93) – Chair-Elect of the NCAA Board
Hazel Bradford (’75-’80)
Jordan Clark (’04-’08)
Michael Dexter (‘07-’11)
Steve Jacobson (’71-’75)
Carmela French (’06-’10)
Leslie Reinherz (’70-74)
Norman Stein (’69 – ’73)
Shannon Strischek (’05 – ’09)
Rick Schofield (’85 – ’88)
Sarah Thompson (’06-’11)
Gera Peoples (’94 – ’97)
Vernon Woodworth (’70-’74)

Past Presidents/Chairs
Susan “Spozy” Sapoznikoff (’83-’87) Immediate Past Chair
Cindy Hill ’89-’93
Bill Rosenberg ’73-’80
Mary Ruiz ’73-’78
Dan Chambliss ’71-’75
Jono Miller ’70-’74
Dave Smolker ’72-’77
Alexis Simendinger ’75-’81
Mike Campbell ’87-’91
Larry Vernaglia ’87-’91

Honorary Alums
Dr. Margaret “Peggy” Bates
Robert Benedetti
Gen. Rolland Heiser
John Harshman
Hugh Roarty
Nell Eurich
Mary Elmendorf
State Sen. Robert Johnson
Mary Lou Wingerter Couch
Dr. Gordon E. Michalson, Jr.

Alumnae/i Stories

Alumni Stories

From doctors and lawyers to scientists and mathematicians, Novo Collegians have followed fascinating career paths, making major contributions in their fields and giving back to their communities.

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