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Election Statements of Intent

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Daniel Stults ’77

I was an unlikely graduate of an honors college. My study skills were poor and vision of the possible, limited. The thought of committing to a path, area of study, job or career was pure terror.

At New College, I developed my skills. I learned to think. I imagined possibilities and matured the persistence to achieve numerous successes. The near-term result was a Ph.D. in Experimental Social Psychology. Later, my degrees opened doors for roles at the Quaker Oats Company, Bristol Myers-Squibb, and AbbVie. New College enabled me to pursue a lifetime of interests.

As a board member, I will work to sustain and advance the New College experience. To achieve our goals I will listen and learn, collaborate and contribute. As a team member, I will respect the context and history of the organization and I will work with the diverse constituent base to achieve existing and aspirational goals. I am confident in my ability to contribute to the board and I appreciate consideration for appointment to this position.

Leslie Reinherz ’70

I have had so much fun serving as an Alumnae/i Association Board Member and I would like to continue to serve for the next three years. When I joined the board in 2015 I was drawn right away to the Events Committee and I helped craft the new reunion policy. Making large scale reunions every 5 years, not targeted to specific class years, is a great way to unify us, and of course we’re all invited to graduation and family weekend every year. I worked hard on the February 2018 reunion and hope everyone had a great time. If elected to serve another term I would like to work along with several interested board members on developing a New College History Project, helping to solicit, collect, and archive video, photographs, oral histories, and memorabilia that will preserve our story for future first-class minds.

Steve Jacobson ’71

I’ve been on the board for one stint of 10 years, 1998-2007, and now approaching 3 years on this stint. During that time, the college has evolved and developed, the NCAA has become part of the Foundation, rather than a semi-independent entity, and the world around us has changed dramatically. Meanwhile, we are still struggling, as we have for over 20 years, to get a significant number of alums to vote in board elections, to respond to calls for participation and to donate, whether money, time or expertise.

I would like to see the NCAA, through the board, take a long look at why we’re here, what we want to accomplish, and how best to achieve those ends. I think we should use the Facebook Daimon page, which has over 2,000 alums as members, as a forum to try to evaluate the wishes, needs, desires and inclinations of our alums, and attempt to find the commonalities that can be implemented, so that we are actually serving our alums. I don’t know that we aren’t doing that now, but that’s the whole point. We should find out, and the only way I know to do that is to engage the alums in some way that allows them to say what they want from the NCAA. As chair-elect, this seems like a good project for me to undertake. If you agree, you should vote me back onto the board. If you don’t agree, you can vote for others instead. It’s New College. I can’t tell you what to do.

Gera Peoples ’94

I am interested in serving another term on the New College Board of Directors for the New College Alumnae/i Association (“NCAA”) to play a role ensuring that New College maintains and fulfills its unique educational mission. Further, I am committed as a NCAA board member to ensure that all of New College alumnae/i voices are heard, and that the NCAA Board of Directors work to ensure a diverse and inclusive community.

I intend to continue developing relationships with current and prospective New College students, their parents, and New College administration with the NCAA. Specifically, I want to continue working with New College, current students and the NCAA to diversify the applicants who apply to New College and students who attend New College. The NCAA Board of Directors can help by working with New College, current students and alumnae/i to identify high schools and community colleges which are underrepresented in our recruit efforts, and target those schools and colleges for recruitment. Overall, the NCAA Board of Directors should have a greater role in recruiting students to New College. For instance, I would like to recruit New College alumnae/i to serve as ambassadors to recruit in high schools and community colleges in their hometowns.

I also intend to continue hosting Chapter events in Miami to maintain the relationships of New College alumnae/i with each other and New College. Since serving as a board member, I have hosted several NCAA events in Miami, including an event for entering students and currents New College students and alumnae/i as well as chapter events for alumnae/i and prospective students. Last year, I started a quarterly lunch for New College alumnae/i who are lawyers in South Florida. The New College Alumnae/i “Miami Lawyer’s Lunch” has been a great success in providing New College Alumnae/i who have J.D.s an opportunity to meet and share their professional experiences. In addition, during these lunches, I have provided updates of current topics/developments at New College. I look forward to hosting additional Chapter events targeted to alumnae/i and prospective students and the New College Alumnae/i “Miami Lawyer’s Lunches” for New College alumnae/i.

Lastly, I intend to continue building a stronger relationship with NCAA, New College and New College Black alumnae/i. Specifically, I intend to work with current New College students and New College Black alumnae/i to identify possible mentor/mentee relationships and panels or discussions at New College. I look forward to serving another term as a member of the NCAA Board of Directors to continue my efforts in helping New College achieve its promise to its students, alumnae/i, and world.

Hazel Bradford ’75

After serving almost two terms, the purpose and priorities in terms of what I think I can best contribute to alumni, have boiled down to this:

  • Supporting new grads and recent alums in their career paths, including networking, mentoring, making connections, etc., in concert with New College staff.
  • Offering additional resources for New College staff to tap into, for this purpose.
  • Welcoming new grads or people moving to the Washington DC area into the chapter, and making all area alums – of all ages – feel more connected. This includes recognizing communication preferences, including old-fashioned letters and phone calls.
  • Helping NCAA and New College inspire more giving of time and money by alums.
  • Helping NCAA in communications efforts as needed.
  • Encourage more two-way communication with alums and the board (constructive communication, that is.)
  • Get more alumni-useful information on the web, and keep it fresh to hold interest.

I will be moving to Sarasota full-time before 2020, which is great for many reasons, a primary one being that it will give me the opportunity to give more hands-on support as needed.

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