Board of Directors Selection 2017

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Election Statements of Intent

Here are the 2017 NCAA Board candidates’ statements of intent.

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The candidates are:

Chad Bickerton ‘05

Three years ago I applied to be on the Board with an intent to strengthen ties between current students and alumni. I also sought to increase the role that younger alums have on the Board.

In the past three years I have served as an active member in the leadership of the NCAA BOD as treasurer and governance chair.In that time, I have led efforts to increase fundraising and communication between current students and alumni. This led to the creation of a committee of the Board which specifically addresses student life issues and has led to increased interaction between alums and students on campus life. I have also worked with campus police, current students, and alums on coming up with policies that protect NCF but also respect NCF’s many traditions.

I have also taken an active role in mentoring younger alums. I work in Sarasota and live in Indian Beach, right next to NCF. My close proximity to NCF gives me the unique opportunity to interact with current students, local young alums, and other local alums.

I wish to continue taking an active leadership role on the Board to continue working on the issues above. Alums have a vested interest to “keep NCF weird” (or whatever ideals you may have for NCF) and we should be an active participant in any dialogue on these issues. I have been successful in encouraging this dialogue. To continue my efforts, I humbly ask you to elect me to the Board to serve another term.

Ginger Lyon ‘70

Tribal Priestess. Reunion Ringleader (Emeritus). Huckleberry Friend. Auntie Ginger. Call me what you will. I fell in love with New College in 1970, and I have never fallen out. My intent in serving on the Board is to keep the love flowing.

I want to assist the Reunion 2/2018 committee, to build a sense of family across generations, and to have fun with my friends, old and new.

Old Neil Young sang: “In my mind, I still need a place to go/All my changes were there.” If you still need a place to go, if you are still going through the changes New College started in you, I welcome your vote and the chance to serve.

Lynne Allen ‘72

My time at New College was an important part of my life. It was a time of independent thinking and active engagement. I believe these are still part of the New College Experience and want to help ensure that tradition continues and is available to more students. I look forward to working with other alums to broaden the base of support for New College, its students, and its programs.

My legal and artistic training give me the ability to both think critically about tasks, steps to complete them, and issues that might arise and think creatively about new ways to accomplish existing goals when needed. I have done a fair amount of event planning – social, political and business.

While on the board I would continue practices that create a diverse student body – economically, ethnically, and geographically.

Norman Stein ‘69

I often loved New College when I attended (1969 through 1973), but not always and on occasion while I was there I wished I were almost anywhere else. But mostly I loved it and that love has only deepened over the 40 years that have elapsed since I left the only real magical kingdom in Florida. In part it has deepened as I came to realize and appreciate how much I learned about learning during my four years as a student, on and off campus, but it has probably deepened even more as my friendships with New College folks have continued to deepen. Not all, and I guess not even most, of my closest friends are New College alums, but many of my very closest friends, including my spouse, are. And so is my son and so is my son’s spouse. But what is most telling, for me, is the instant and strong connection with virtually every Novo Collegian I’ve met since graduating—whether while having a casual conversation with someone outside a convenience store in Windsor Maine and suddenly realizing that we had both gone to New College, or seeing someone at the beach or at my son’s wedding with a New College logo on their t-shirt, or having a student come into my office and identify herself as a fellow Novo Collegian.

And that connection is not because we rooted for the same sports team or pledged the same fraternity or even lived in the same dorm (I guess only the last being a possible New College connection). It is because we learned to learn in the same way—through four years of cloistered intellectual engagement that also managed to be four years of active engagement with the world. And it is because I suspect we have similar values, or at least values that were forged in the same foundry. New College may have changed over the years, even significantly, but its essentials have not.

(I remember about five years ago, while visiting Sarasota, joining a class in Russian literature taught by David Schatz, a class I had taken 35 years earlier. The students looked a bit different, although they also looked strangely and comfortingly familiar, but what struck me most was the classroom discussion—it was about The Master and Margarita—which transported me back 35 years. And thereupon my heart was driven wild.)

I am not sure how an association of New College alums can do this, but what I would want to do most as a board member is help preserve that which makes each of us have such a strong and instant connection with every other one of us, no matter how many years separate us from Palm Court parties and sunsets over Sarasota Bay.

Some thoughts on a second term: Other than the normal functions of a board member, I have been an active member of the board committee that awards grants to students for research projects and travel to conferences. It is wonderful to see how imaginative, academic, humane and resourceful New College students are and I would like to continue to work on this board activity.

I have two other goals for a second board term. First, I hope to increase alumni activities in the two cities in which I spend the year, Philadelphia and Seattle. I had health issues, now resolved, during my first term and as a result did not have as much of an opportunity to help create more active alumni interaction as I had hoped. So this is something I hope to devote time to if I am elected to a second term. Second, several alums have suggested some type of living memorial for David Pini, perhaps a New College history project. I think this is a sensational idea and I hope to contribute to making it happen.

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