Message from the Chair

The New College Alumnae/i Association (NCAA) held a Board meeting on July 23, 2016 at the Keating Center.

Message from the New College Alumnae/i Association Board of Directors Chair

On Friday, July 22, 2016, we held Board Member Orientation for Bob Freedman, Jim Tietsworth, and Troy Winfrey. We had  informative updates from Mitch Finer about admissions and from Julie Morris on the current academic program and the issues at the college. We were pleased to meet the new Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Robin Williamson.

The NCAA summer Board Retreat was held on Saturday, July 23, 2016. We were scheduled to be in the Sudakoff Center but the AC was broken and we ended up back at The Keating Center. We discussed Chapter Events and Leslie Reinherz and Cindy Hill debriefed us on the state of reunion planning for the 2018 reunion. Sarah Thompson gave a very interesting presentation on additional ways to engage Alums.

During lunch, we discussed book awards. They are easy to sponsor and they are a great opportunity for Alum’s to have high school admission staff identify talented students who would be a good fit at New College. The book award presentation usually affords an opportunity to speak about New College to the rising seniors. If you can’t attend, you can purchase the book and provide it to the high school and the staff will do the presentation.

We began our regular meeting after lunch. Chad Bickerton was elected to Chair the Governance Committee and Jordan Clark was elected to Chair the Communications Committee for the upcoming year. Sarah Thomson was elected Treasurer, which is a two year term. Cindy Hill has agreed to continue in her role as Chair-Elect and will be the Chair after our May meeting in 2017. We revised the NCAA goals for the coming year.

Former NCAA Board of Directors, Maia Hinkle and Colin Boyle have agreed to act as mediators in the event board disputes need to be resolved. Their service continues.

Troy Winfrey and Glen van der Molen provided a very interesting presentation on alternate fundraising based on crowd sourcing. Thanks to MaryAnne Young and Sarah Thompson for presenting, via the internet, examples of a couple of colleges already engaged in this type of fundraising.

We also discussed a memorial for Galen Stewart. He was a security guard at New College in 1973. He was killed protecting a New College student who was being attacked by a non-student. He was a retired Pittsburgh policeman and was 74 years old at the time of his death.

We decided to be more intentional in our outreach to Alum’s that teach secondary and high school. We believe that they are well situated to be talent spotters for New College admissions and we are going to determine what material support we can provide them to help promote New College with potential students.

We have also set up a new committee to be intentional about how we support our current chapters and to determine how to reach out to new areas to set up more chapters. Vernon Woodworth, Troy Winfrey, Cindy Hill and Sarah Thompson have all volunteered for that committee and we look forward to their report at our next meeting.

Should we keep New College Weird?


Frazier Carraway ‘72
Chair; New College Alumnae/i Association
Board of Directors