Novo Collegiate Scholars Program

As the Honors College for Florida, New College is committed to providing access to rigorous academics where students are part of an intellectual community that inspires and challenges them to pursue their interests in depth and design their area of concentration.

At New College of Florida, 90 percent of our students receive some form of financial assistance and all new students are guaranteed scholarships. New College provides $3.7 million in support through outright aide and tuition waivers. Investing in talented students’ affordable education is the top priority in order to invest in the future problems solvers and entrepreneurs.

When you invest in a student, you change a life. The Novo Collegiate Scholars program provides you with an opportunity to support and get to know a New College student—a young woman or man who will be truly grateful for your investment in their future.

The Novo Collegiate Scholarship is an annual $10,000 scholarship, named for its donor, for a student (or students) with demonstrated need, which will help cover tuition and fees for that academic year.

Novo Collegiate Scholarship Sponsors receive an annual scholarship report on the student receiving their support, including biography and activities and a thank you note from the student. Sponsors have the opportunity to establish a relationship with their student. Sponsors will have the opportunity to attend a specially selected New College class with their student. Novo Collegiate sponsors will receive a personal invitation to New College’s annual Scholarship Luncheon. And, Novo Collegiate Scholarship sponsors become a member of the President’s Circle Giving Society.

Invest in a student; change a life. To sponsor a Novo Collegiate Scholarship, or to learn more, contact MaryAnne Young, executive director of the New College Foundation, at 941-487-4801 or