phonathon student fundraisers

In addition to calling alums and parents to ask for gifts, the team also supports student philanthropy by educating their classmates about the importance of giving back to New College.

Meet our student fundraisers

Each year, the phonathon student fundraisers raise important unrestricted dollars in support of the New College Fund.

In addition to calling alums and parents to ask for gifts, the team also supports student philanthropy by educating their classmates about the importance of giving back to New College and helping to secure matched student donations for the giving challenge each year.

Please meet our 2016-2017 phonathon student fundraising team.

Kierra Boyd

Kierra Boyd is a fourth-year Fine Arts AOC from Jupiter, Florida. She is passionate about art, animals, and children.

In high school, Kierra was a part of the Jupiter Environmental Research and Field Studies Academy where she was able to explore many of Florida’s ecosystems during 50 field trips, volunteer with a variety of organizations to complete 250 service hours, and travel to Panama to further appreciate the world’s magnificence through exploring caves, bird watching, hiking and staying with an indigenous tribe overnight.

Kierra likes the idea of teaching young children language and the arts someday, preferably on a mountain, paired with a wildlife rehabilitation facility, and complete with a studio in which she will create children’s books and stuffed monsters.

Kierra has completed an Independent Study Project about animal care and betterment, which included CPR training for dogs and cats. She has volunteered for various animal care organizations, learning about the relationships between the homeless and their pets. She also partook in a teaching internship at Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School last ISP.

Susan Gomes

A 4th year in psychology, Susan works hard to support herself through college. With a strong background in crafting Susan plans to take the world by storm in film and teaching. As a people person she finds pleasure in helping the community through her jobs on campus and the miscellaneous other helpful services she offers to students for free; ie Haircuts and seam stressing.

Along with English she speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and hopes to learn more languages so she can travel the world and ignore language barriers.

April Myers

April Myers is a third-year Neurobiology AOC from St. Louis, Missouri. April is a research assistant atRoskamp Institute, the co-leader of a girl scout troop, and late night library employee at Jane Bancroft Cook Library.

She is an active participant of Hillel and hopes to study abroad in Israel at some point in her academic career.
After obtaining her degree, April wants to pursue a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and have a career in biomedical research.
Her nonacademic interests include caffeinated beverages, reading, and sewing.
She is excited to learn more about New College history and give back to New College through her position as student fundraiser.

Erika Thompson

Erika Thompson is a second-year Political Science/Gender Studies AOC from West Palm Beach, Florida.

She is passionate about social justice and loves politics. D.C is her favorite city, and she visits often to lobby for common sense gun reform with the Newtown Action Alliance.

Erika participates in multiple campus clubs and is helping to plan New College’s first Relay For Life event.

After New College, Erika hopes to join the Peace Corps before going to law school.

She dreams of becoming president.

Julia de Aragon

Julia de Aragón is a fourth year Environmental Studies student, currently writing her thesis on food
justice and food insecurity issues present in her hometown of Ithaca, NY.

During her first two years at New College, Julia was the Mentor Coordinator for SailFuture, a non-profit organization focused on empowering at-risk youth in Sarasota. Since then, she has cultivated her interest in social justice and community organizing, specifically in Ithaca.
Julia plans on moving back to Ithaca after graduating from New College in May 2017, and taking a year to apply to graduate programs with the intent to earn her Masters degree.

Allya Yourish

Allya Yourish is a fourth year Humanities student. She is currently working her thesis about the Jewish Museum Berlin and the architecture of trauma.

She chose New College because of how flexible the educational programs are, and she’s certainly taken advantage of that over her four years! She is passionate about travel, and will be embarking on her fifth study abroad this winter. Her other passions include studying art, writing poetry, and reading, which all nicely fit into the year she spent working as a nanny in Paris.

She spends her summers in upstate New York, where she works as a camp counselor. She says hello to every child she passes on the street. Her interest in childcare and education has led her to apply for several fellowships to teach abroad next year after graduation.

She doesn’t know what she wants to do with the future, but she’s looking forward to figuring it out, and she credits New College for giving her the tools to do so.

Bobby Barber

Bobby Barber is a fourth year Psychology/Philosophy student here at the New College of Florida. His passion for the field of psychology
extends to a passion for people in general – especially New College people. While enrolled, Bobby has conducted research that he has gone on to present at major psychology conferences, has been Vice President of the Psychology Club, and has assisted with published research at other universities. He is currently busy working on his senior thesis which involves testing the efficacy of video games designed to support mental health. His interest in psychology and people certainly compliments his work here at the phone-a-thon.

When he is not hitting the books or working the phones, Bobby enjoys participating in basketball, music, and comedy. Co-managing the New College recreational basketball team, recording and performing original songs, and begging for stage time as a stand-up comedian all tend to take up a large chunk of Bobby’s free time.

Though he is a fourth year, Bobby is still undecided in terms of what his plans are after graduation. With such a vested interest in New College, who knows, he may end up working for the school for years to come.

Catherine Wooster

Catherine is 4th year from Atlanta GA studying Biology. After she graduated  she wants to live in a cabin away from society.

Catherine plays soccer at New College and enjoys hiking, likes raccoons, possums, and dogs. Her hobbies include yoga, running, video games, rage against the machine, and watching  King of the hill.

She has run an entomophagy tutorial that emphasizes the use of  insects as an underutilized source of sustainable protein. The tutorial farmed 7 pounds of mealworms and crickets as well as experimented with farming techniques and recipes.

She’s also traveled to Peru for an ISP as part of a long running collaborative study on plant insect interactions.