phonathon student fundraisers

In addition to calling alums and parents to ask for gifts, the team also supports student philanthropy by educating their classmates about the importance of giving back to New College.

Meet our student fundraisers

Each year, the phonathon student fundraisers raise important unrestricted dollars in support of the New College Fund.

In addition to calling alums and parents to ask for gifts, the team also supports student philanthropy by educating their classmates about the importance of giving back to New College and helping to secure matched student donations for the giving challenge each year.

Please meet our 2015-2016 phonathon student fundraising team.

Jeeda AbuKhader

Jeeda AbuKhader is a first-year student at New College of Florida from Amman, Jordan. Jeeda’s AOC is International Business with a minor in Accounting and Finance. She is very passionate about language, culture, travel and diversity.

This is her second year in the U.S., having had an exchange year in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as a sophomore in high school.

Jeeda enjoys playing sports such as track and field, doing volunteer work and giving back to her community. Along with speaking English and Arabic, Jeeda is hoping to learn a third language (Spanish) at New College.

She is enjoying her studies at new college and is planning to go to graduate school for an MBA. Jeeda dreams to travel the world someday.

Kierra Boyd

Kierra Boyd is a third-year Fine Arts AOC from Jupiter, Florida. She is passionate about art, animals, and children.

In high school, Kierra was a part of the Jupiter Environmental Research and Field Studies Academy where she was able to explore many of Florida’s ecosystems during 50 field trips, volunteer with a variety of organizations to complete 250 service hours, and travel to Panama to further appreciate the world’s magnificence through exploring caves, bird watching, hiking and staying with an indigenous tribe overnight.

Kierra likes the idea of teaching young children language and the arts someday, preferably on a mountain, paired with a wildlife rehabilitation facility, and complete with a studio in which she will create children’s books and stuffed monsters.

Kierra has completed an Independent Study Project about animal care and betterment, which included CPR training for dogs and cats. She has volunteered for various animal care organizations, learning about the relationships between the homeless and their pets. She also partook in a teaching internship at Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School last ISP.

Muireall Brown

Muireall Brown is a first-year student planning on concentrating in Anthropology, and perhaps in philosophy as well. She is involved in various social justice organizations on campus such as Students Targeting Oppressive Powers, and VOX (voices for Planned Parenthood), as well as the school’s Radical Acts of Kindness group.

Muireall is passionate about plants, children, travel, culture, language, and philosophy, as well as about fostering a more empathetic and cooperative society.

In her spare time, she tutors grade school kids, reads ethnographies, herbals, and novels, participates in the political process as much as she can, and gardens while trying to learn more about native medicinal plants.

Sabrina Finn

Sabrina is a second-year student from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her interests lie in photography, card games, delicious food, and dogs, and although her AOC is undecided, she hopes to create an interdisciplinary AOC in languages and linguistics.

After graduation, she plans to work as a translator/interpreter for an international agency or government, with a focus on wartime and disaster relief translation in underserved countries.

She tells lots of stories about her dogs, drinks coffee every morning, and enjoys swapping music with strangers. She is a club admin in Kink Positive, sings in Acapellago, and worked for the past year as the Supervisor of Elections in the NCSA.

Sabrina’s favorite parts of New College are the strong campus community, the freedom to explore the world both inside and outside of the classroom, and not wearing shoes.

Susan Gomes

A third-year psychology student, Susan Gomes is the first person in her family to make it to college, and boy did she choose an interesting college. She spends her free time being crafty and helping her friends with an assortment of skills. She hopes to go to graduate school and dual major in film/communications and Psychology.

She hopes to create films that help understand complex psychological concepts, and study multiple concepts in the field of psychology.

She has done two internships at schools where she experienced teaching opportunities.

Along with English she speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and hopes to learn more languages so she can travel the world and ignore language barriers.

Saif Iqbal

Saif Iqbal is a third-year Political Science/History AOC from Tampa, Florida. He is a student intern at the New College Alumnae/i Association, and is an event assistant.

His interests include political campaigns, poetry and football. He has accumulated vast amounts of experience working with political campaigns, nonprofit organizations and fundraising.

New College holds a special place is Saif’s heart; he has come to love the atmosphere, the professors and the other students on campus. His favorite professor is Brendan Goff, and his favorite class is American Foreign Policy. He hopes to write his thesis on the conflict in Iraq and its failed transition to democracy. After college, Saif is looking to go to law or business school, work for the government and perhaps one day run for office himself.

“New College changed my life,” Saif said. “It changed my perspective on the entire world, that’s why I’m so glad I’m here. It has given me the opportunity to look at the world in a different light.”

Anna Rodriguez

Anna is a fourth-year student from the Dominican Republic/Jacksonville, Florida.

She is concentrating on Anthropology and working on her thesis, which is focused on story-sharing and reproductive justice.

Last year, she studied abroad in Morocco, where her studies focused on multiculturalism and human rights.

This past summer she interned at a public policy research organization in NYC. She is currently applying for Fulbright to continue her thesis research in India.

She hopes to eventually study law and continue being advocate for women’s reproductive justice.

April Myers

April Myers is a second-year Neurobiology AOC from St. Louis, Missouri. April is a research assistant at Roskamp Institute, the co-leader of a girl scout troop, and late night library employee at Jane Bancroft Cook Library.

She is an active participant of Hillel and hopes to study abroad in Israel at some point in her academic career.

After obtaining her degree, April wants to pursue a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and have a career in biomedical research.

Her nonacademic interests include caffeinated beverages, reading, and sewing.

She is excited to learn more about New College history and give back to New College through her position as student fundraiser.

Erika Thompson

Erika Thompson is a first-year Political Science/Gender Studies AOC from West Palm Beach, Florida.

She is passionate about social justice and loves politics. D.C is her favorite city, and she visits often to lobby for common sense gun reform with the Newtown Action Alliance.

Erika participates in multiple campus clubs and is helping to plan New College’s first Relay For Life event.

After New College, Erika hopes to join the Peace Corps before going to law school.

She dreams of becoming president.

George Thurlow

George Thurlow is a second-year Political Science/Public Policy AOC. He is originally from New Jersey but attended a boarding high school (George School in Newtown, Pennsylvania).

He is passionate about politics and is involved in the local political scene in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. He also is an animal lover and volunteers at the Humane Society in Lakewood Ranch.

George is enjoying his studies at New College and being in his new home state of Florida. After New College, he would like to go to law school.