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A liberal arts education is the first station on a lifelong journey.

It is often said that a liberal arts education prepares you for many careers and countless life options. That’s because a liberal arts education broadens the perspective, sharpens analytical abilities, produces intellectual self-reliance and nurtures a love of learning for learning’s sake. A liberal arts education develops the kind of adaptive thinking that will allow you to respond creatively to countless career opportunities.

In short, a liberal arts education never ends, and a good liberal arts college views itself as the first station on a lifelong journey. For the liberally educated person, not only is the career path filled with limitless possibilities, but life itself is more interesting.

The New College faculty combines this traditional appreciation of the liberal arts and sciences with an emphasis on active learning and individual responsibility. Even liberal learning is not learning if you are a passive spectator.

At New College, instructors strive to generate engagement, active participation and persistence in learning on your part – much like the experience of being so wrapped up in a good book that you cannot put it down. New College offers you tremendous freedom to explore and define the liberal arts experience in your own way, always with the help and advice of faculty mentors who are, after all, more experienced learners on the same educational journey.

Just a few years ago, there was no such thing as a Facebook user operations specialist, but now one of our alums holds that title. As we consider the breakneck speed of technological, social and cultural change occurring in our society, we can imagine that many of the careers people will pursue over the next 50 years have not even been thought of yet.

Leading productive and effective lives during such a period in history will require an education promoting intellectual flexibility, cross-disciplinary analytical skills and the capacity to work cooperatively with people from all backgrounds. In such a context, we have an advantage by virtue of our educational philosophy and our ongoing success in attracting open-minded self-starters to our campus.

We invite you to become one of them.

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