The ratios are right

Many large universities require freshmen to take some classes from their computers because they simply don’t have large enough lecture halls for them all to attend in person. That will never happen at New College.

We don’t have many classes that are taught as lectures. Our average size class is 18, but most are much smaller, and some have only a handful of students working with a single professor.

With a 7-to-1 student/faculty ratio, you work closely with faculty, who serve as advisors, mentoring you along your academic journey. Our idea of a “big class” is 40 students. Compare that to 200-300 at your typical university.

Here you will learn in seminar-style, interactive classes centered on informed discussion. Sometimes classes are broken down into even smaller groups of three or four students.

They put their heads together in spirited conversations that take place in the hall, on the bayfront under a tree or on the lawn of Koski Plaza. Then they all get back together again to share their discoveries … and talk some more. Intellectual conversations with fellow students often spill over to the Four Winds Café, Ham Center or other. Our students tell us how thrilling it is to be with others who are deeply engaged in what they are studying.

Small School, Big Dividends

Melissa, a student at New College of Florida, says if you want to study in a STEM field, New College …

We believe in keeping classes small, and that’s why we’re a small school. We believe in standing up, speaking out, exploring ideas, trying out what you’re learning with others. Sometimes it’s scary not being the smartest person in the room anymore — but more often it’s exhilarating. New College students challenge each other and themselves, and our faculty members challenge you — and themselves — in close interactions built on face-to-face communication.

By the time you graduate, you’ll really know your professors, and better yet, they’ll know you.

Isn’t this how you want to learn?