If you are currently waiting on your decision and have questions about what a waitlist offer might entail, be sure to read through our Waitlist FAQs below.

We use the term“waitlist” to describe a list of applicants to whom we may extend an offer of admission at a future date. 



You will hear from us regarding your final admission decision this summer, by June 15. It is difficult for us to predict the number of waitlist applicants who will be offered admission; therefore, you may want to secure enrollment at another institution. If you are admitted from the waitlist and you decide to enroll at New College, you should then inform the other institution of your intention.

We suggest that you contact the institution’s Office of Admissions and request an extension until June 15. If the institution is unable to grant you an extension, we recommend that you submit the required deposit in compliance with the deadline. You may want to ask about the refund policy.

By phone and email.

Of the applicants who chose to remain on the waitlist, we admitted 42% for Fall 2018, 33% for Fall 2019, and 100% for Fall 2020.

  1. Complete the waitlist form available on your application status page in your applicant portal.
  2. Send additional academic information that we do not already have on file (e.g., most recent grades and exam scores, an analytical writing sample, academic awards, etc.). You may want to speak with your admissions counselor before submitting any additional items.

We don’t have a formal ranking system for our waitlist. Once we determine that we will offer admission to some of the students on our waitlist, we will re-evaluate each applicant’s file.

We make every effort to provide the best possible financial aid package at the time of admission. If we offer you admission from the waitlist, you will have an opportunity to review your financial aid offer before making an enrollment commitment.

No. Except for international students, admission to New College is “need-blind.” International students are required to prove an ability to pay to secure permission for a student visa.

No. If we offer you admission from the waitlist, you will live on-campus. On-campus housing is required for all students unless they receive a waiver from Student Affairs. 

If you would like to discuss your chances for admission at a future date, please call the admission office at 941-487-5000 option 1 to speak with your admissions counselor.