Interested in transferring to NCF?

You should apply as a transfer if you have (or will be) enrolled in any college course work after the date of your high school graduation.

Welcome Transfer Students!

Each year, approximately 15-20 percent of New College’s enrollment is comprised of students who transferred here from other colleges and universities around the country.

They appreciate the fact that New College’s 10:1 student-to-faculty allows for an intimate academic environment, encouraging intellectual freedom and a greater opportunity to be personally involved in designing their own education. Of course, our waterfront location and year-round warm temperatures are not bad enticements either.


1. Completed Common Application

2. One Letter of Recommendation

  • Your letter of recommendation must be from a guidance counselor, college advisor, principal, dean or teacher who has taught you in an academic subject.
  • Submit it using the Common Application Form, or the official New College Recommendation Form. The recommender must submit the letter directly to the Admissions Office electronically (if using the online Common Application) or by mail. We cannot accept recommendations submitted by the applicant. If using the Common Application, be sure to fill out and sign the Important Privacy Notice (check yes or no) to avoid any processing delays.

3.  $30 Nonrefundable Fee or Fee Waiver Request (Transfer Students)

Choose from the following:

  • Submit payment as part of your online Common Application.
  • Pay by credit card (online)
  • Pay by credit card (by phone): Call 941-487-5000 (VISA, MasterCard and Discover only)

4.  Fee Waiver Request:

 5.  Official Transcript(s) for all college course work (including any dual enrollment) 

  • Official transcripts from each secondary and post-secondary school you have attended must be submitted electronically or by mail (sealed/stamped/signed). Faxed transcripts will not be accepted. (Electronic Submission: New College is a SPEEDE institution. We also may be addressed by FASTER schools using Institution ID #10002 and Spex Inst ID #730000003957400.)
    • If you completed high school by GED, you must also submit an official transcript of your GED exam scores.
    • Students earning the AA from a Florida public community college should inquire individually about waiving the high school transcript requirement.

 6. Official High School Transcript(s)

  • Requested directly from the school, can be submitted electronically or via mail.

7.  Standardized Test Results (SAT or ACT*
Official SAT or ACT scores must be reported on your official school transcript(s), or submitted directly to our office by the testing service using the codes College Board (SAT) #5506 or American College Testing Program #0750. For 2017 applicants, the SAT essay and ACT writing sections are optional. The official writing we evaluate is the Common Application essay.

*We are unable to accept faxed transcripts and test scores as official application materials.

Disability Accommodation in Admission
In the case of applicants with disabilities, the College will grant reasonable substitution or modification of any admission requirement  pursuant to Florida Board of Governors Regulation  6.018 where the Dean of Enrollment Services determines, based on evidence submitted by the applicant and through consultation  with the College’s Disabilities Services Coordinator, that the failure of the applicant to meet the requirement  is due to his or her disability, and does not constitute a fundamental alteration in the nature of the College’s academic program.

New College will consider this information within the following guidelines:

  1. Documentation regarding the disability will need to be provided on a voluntary basis,
  2. all information will be kept confidential,
  3. refusal to provide information will not subject the applicant to adverse treatment, and
  4. information will only be used in conjunction with the College’s voluntary efforts to overcome the effects of conditions that may have resulted in limited participation of persons with disabilities.

To discuss possible waiver of any requirement, please contact your Admissions Counselor or our office at 941-487-5000.

Waitlist questions and answers
Appeals by denied applicants

*Use of Social Security Numbers: The NCF Office of Admissions and Financial Aid collects and uses Social Security Numbers (SSNs) as necessary for the performance of the College’s duties and responsibilities, taking appropriate measures to secure SSNs from unauthorized access. For more information click here.