Our students love sharing their love of New College with future Novo Collegians. Get to know a little about the students you'll meet on your visit to campus.

Kamila Azizi

Hometown: Kabul, Afghanistan
High School:  Sooria High School
Year at New College: Second year
Area of Interest: Applied Mathematics and Biochemistry 

Assalamu Alaikum! I am Kamila Azizi. I am a sophomore double majoring in Applied Mathematics and Biochemistry at The New College of Florida. My hobbies are painting, writing, and reading. I also love watching the sunset from the bay and kayaking with my friends. I am excited to meet you on campus!

Why I Chose New College: There are many reasons why I chose New College. I loved the small class sizes, the close interactions with the professors, and the no-grade learning system. All of these together makes New College a unique place, and I have been enjoying it so far. 

Favorite Things about New College: I love the close interactions between the professors and the students. The professors are super supportive and friendly.

Plans after graduation: My plans for after graduation is attending graduate school.

Gaby Batista

Hometown: Pembroke Pines, FL
High School: College Academy at Broward College
Year at New College: Second year
Area of Interest: Anthropology 

Hello! My name is Gaby and, yes, I’m talkative! I love having fun and making the people around me smile. You can usually catch me dancing without music or hanging out at the Nook with friends!

Why I Chose New College: Throughout my life I always held interest in the unconventional ways of life and New College is no different! From the courses to traditions to the overall atmosphere on campus, it all resonated with my need for the atypical. A smaller, more inclusive campus was exactly what I needed to nurture my dreams and I’m so lucky to have found that at New College!

Favorite Things about New College: I definitely brag about how gorgeous the New College campus is. Everything from the bayfront and Caples to the Dort and Gold dorms is eye-catching! The students and staff at New College are included in that as well! Everyone is immensely supportive and an amazing time to be around, hence, there will never be a boring moment on campus. 

Plans after graduation: The dream is to travel the world, documenting world events and cultures through multiple mediums like journalism, literature, and digital media!

Alyssa Boynton

Hometown: Slayton, Minnesota
High School: Murray County Central High School 
Year at New College: Fourth year
Area of Interest: Psychology

Hi! My name is Alyssa and my pronouns are she/her. I’m originally from Minnesota and moved to Sarasota for college, so the heat has been a big change for me! Along with working in admissions, I work in the Student Success Center (SSC), I serve as an Educational Policy Committee Representative, and I help with the first-year seminar program (SETSAIL). Suffice it to say, you’ll definitely see me around campus! Academically, I’m really interested in developmental psychology, Montessori education, and the sociology of gender and relationships. Outside of school, I love sailing and kayaking on the Sarasota Bay, hiking, gardening, and cooking! I’m so excited to show you New College!

Why I Chose New College: I applied (and was accepted to) quite a few prestigious schools, but I fell in love with New College on my tour. I remember seeing the stickers on the mailboxes and the giant beanbag in the library and talking to Steven, the NCSA (student government) President at the time, while I was getting lunch. New College has all these amazing quirks and even more amazing students and professors. 

I also came for the narrative evaluations. I was my high school’s valedictorian, but I realized during my senior year that I didn’t care about school anymore, I only cared about getting the A. The narrative evaluations here have helped me reclaim my education and focus on my growth instead of an arbitrary letter or number. I feel so incredibly lucky to have made the choice to come here, and even if I could go back, I would do it all over again.

Favorite Things about New College: I love the academic freedom. I was able to switch my AOC to a whole new field during my second year after I realized over quarantine that I wanted to do something totally different, and my professors supported me 100%. I took a class at a nearby school through our cross-registration program, completed several internships in a local Montessori school, and I am so excited to be starting my senior thesis this fall (feel free to ask me about it)! At New College, the faculty will find a way to help you do absolutely anything you want to pursue.

Plans after graduation:I have accepted a position as a Technical Solutions Engineer at Epic Systems in Madison, Wisconsin.

Chloë Fodor

Hometown: Orlando, FL
High School: Winter Park High School
Year at New College: Fourth year
Area of Interest: Religion and International and Area Studies

Hello! My name is Chloë-Arizona Fodor and I am a fourth year student pursuing an AOC in International and Area Studies, as well as an AOC in Religion. I am excited to talk to you about New College! I served as co-Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion through NCSA (student government) and am so passionate about this school and the people here. In terms of my major, I am interested in peace and conflict studies, as well as in policy design, and I have focused on Brazil and Palestine/Israel as regions of interest as well. I love cooking with my roommates, skateboarding around campus (or zooming on my electric scooter 😀 ) and down to the bay to see the sunset, as well as laying out under the banyan tree to crochet, try to catch up on schoolwork, or do some crafts; i’m always seeking out new ways to experience New College and the Sarasota area! I am very interested in finding ways to continue engaging with my latino and jewish heritage while at New! I’m so glad you’re considering NCF, and I’m excited to meet you! 

Why I Chose New College: Throughout my college search, I really felt that I wanted that “big school” feeling that I would have gotten from some of the larger universities in Florida. I didn’t want to feel like I was missing out on some sort of quintessential college experience. I ultimately decided to come to New College after talking to a family friend who was a professor at a very large Florida University. He told me that the small class sizes I would get at NCF, and the intimate education I would have access to, would be an experience that I would not be able to find anywhere else. He advocated for me to pursue an education in a space where I wouldn’t just be one student in a lecture hall of hundreds, but where I could work closely and collaboratively with faculty. Hearing this from him solidified my decision. Although I was hesitant at first, my time at NCF has only reaffirmed my decision for me. I could not imagine receiving a more personalized education anywhere else. 

Favorite Things about New College: How creative the students are here! People have so many interesting niche passions that they manage to turn into their careers! Also the bay, mulberry trees, and mango trees… and the banyan tree in the spring. The campus is so beautiful.

Campus Activities: My favorite campus activities are:  looking at the bioluminescence in the bay at night, throwing together costumes for COUP, and doing my class readings by the pool.  

Ellis Golden

Hometown: Little Rock, AR
High School/Previous Institution:  Little Rock Central High School and Bennington College
Year at New College: Fourth year transfer, second year at NCF
Area of Interest: English

Hello, my name is Ellis Golden, and I’m a 4th year at New College. My pronouns are they/them, and my AOC is English. I’m currently studying to become an English teacher in secondary school in Germany! In my free time, I enjoy taking walks, reading books, swimming, making music, writing poetry, and creating YouTube videos. I especially love taking walks around campus and going down to the beach with friends!

Why I Chose New College:  I chose New College because of its individualistic approach to education, and its many educational opportunities and resources.

Favorite Things about New College: My favorite aspects of New College are the extremely helpful faculty and staff, the kind community, and the generous financial aid.

Plans after graduation: After graduation, I plan to move to Southern Germany to teach English as an ESL teacher at a local secondary school. During my summers off, I plan on exploring Europe and using the beautiful scenery to fuel my creative endeavors.

Libby Harrity

Hometown: Orlando, FL
High School: Winter Park High School 
Year at New College: Second year
Area of Interest: Political Science

Howdy! I’m Libby, and I am a second year political science AOC. My academic interests range from international studies to philosophy, and I enjoy reading and playing video games in my spare time. After completing my degree at NCF, I intend to pursue a law degree.

Why I Chose New College: I had applied and been accepted to around 15 different schools both inside and outside of the United States, but after touring and learning more about NCF and the environment it creates, there was no question that it was the right fit.

Favorite Things about New College: Small class sizes, flexibility in the kinds of courses one can take, general vibrations.

Plans after graduation: Law School!

Shawna Itakura

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
High School:  Buxton High School
Year at New College: Second year
Area of Interest: Health, Culture, and Societies / Gender Studies 

Hi! I’m Shawna, They/Them, from Japan. I like arts in general some being dancing, singing, film photography, jewelry making etc!

Why I Chose New College: Because it fit perfectly into my life! 

Favorite Things about New College: small class sizes, everyone’s sense of style, and all of the gay people

Plans after graduation: Hopefully working as a sexual health educator!

Remy Katz

Hometown: Tampa, Florida
High School:  Blake High School/ Hillsborough Community College
Year at New College: Fourth year transfer, second year at NCF
Area of Interest: Studio Art, Anthropology, and Hebrew

Shalom! I’m Remy (Like the rat from Ratatoille) and I’m a fourth-year student of Anthropology and Studio Art here at New College of Florida (NCF).  I was born and raised in Tampa, and I am actually one of our transfer Ambassadors. I transferred to NCF from Hillsborough Community College (HCC) with my A.A. in Art! I am the founder and President of the New Scholars; our transfer student support club. In my free time I love to draw, take walks around campus, and harvest food in the Food Forest. You can also catch me working on my thesis in the Senior Art Studios at the Caples Waterfront Campus!

Why I Chose New College: I found New College as a result of me tagging along with my best friend who came to tour the campus. I fell in love with it practically immediately. I was already attending HCC, so I decided to finish my A.A. there as I had one semester left. I launched myself at applications when they opened! I was head over heels for the Monessori-style approach to learning and living at New College. The concept of having freedom to delve into interests that I wouldn’t be able to access or attempt at other institutions was something that enthralled me. It also doesn’t hurt that New College is so close but just far enough away from home, as well as being right on the waterfront. Not many places can claim that beautiful sunset experience you can get by College Hall!

Favorite Things about New College: I love the accessible education and the freedom to find new interests with academic support. I love the immense amount of support students have on campus, as every student not only gets an Academic Advisor to guide them all four years, but a Career Advisor that mentors them as well. They are there for you even after you graduate! We have amazing mental health services that are free to students… thats right! You heard that correct, F-R-E-E mental heath support! We have incredible staff in the Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC). We also have our awesome library, with many resources inside for academics; like the Writing Resource Center (WRC) and the Quantitive Resource Center (QRC)! I also love our historic campus, as the Bayfront and Caples Waterfront has so much history embedded in them.

Plans after graduation: Work in Sarasota for a few years to save up to go to Grad school (it’s expensive!).

Sofia Lombardi

Hometown: Burke, Virginia
High School: Lake Braddock Secondary School
Year at New College: Fourth year
Area of Interest: Political Science 

Hi, my name is Sofia! I am a fourth-year Political Science student from the northern VA/DC metro area. I formerly served as the NCSA (New College Student Alliance) President, which is our student government. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, watching reality TV, and thrifting. I am so glad you are considering New College!

Why I Chose New College: New College wasn’t initially on my radar—I actually applied at the encouragement of a family friend. When I decided to tour the campus, however, I knew this was the right place for me. Everyone I met was so friendly and welcoming, and I loved the non-traditional aspects of our rigorous academic programs. There seemed to be a lot of resources and opportunities available at a smaller institution that I would not have access to elsewhere, and it just felt like a good fit!

Favorite Things about New College: Aside from its stunning campus, definitely the people. I have made such close friends here with my peers, staff, and faculty. New College’s size gives you the opportunity to develop really meaningful relationships with community members, which I have enjoyed so much.

Plans after graduation: I am really interested in working in higher education or pursuing my masters in public policy.

William Lopez

Hometown: Naples, FL
High School: Gulf Coast High School
Year at New College: First year
Area of Interest: Chemistry and Psychology

Heyo! I’m William Lopez. I’m interested in pursuing chemistry, psychology, and neuroscience-related courses. I absolutely love the brain and want to use my future knowledge of it to help people with their mental and emotional turmoils. I love martial arts, playing piano, listening to indie music, taking polaroid pictures, and playing RPG’s and metroidvanias.

Why I Chose New College: All it took was one three-day tour for me to decide that this is where I wanted to go. One of my biggest factors in choosing a college was that I wanted to feel like I’d be comfortable living there for four years and by far New College ticked that checkbox. Its cultural environment is great and emphasizes collaboration over competition, the housing is fantastic, the area is beautiful, and Sarasota has so much to do.

Favorite Things about New College: I love New College’s emphasis on personalization, including the lack of a GPA to ensure that students don’t become simple numbers to look at, but individuals with many quirks, strengths, and weaknesses. I also love their view on constantly improving, whereas other colleges I’ve seen have an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”  kind of view.

Plans after graduation: I’m planning on heading to medical school for psychiatry so that I can have more tools to help people with their mental and emotional troubles.

Avery Myers

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
High School: Stanton College Preparatory School
Year at New College: Fourth year
Area of Interest: Environmental Studies with a Secondary Field in Philosophy

Hello! My name is Avery Myers (they/them). I am a fourth year in the Environmental Studies AOC (in the science track) with a Secondary Field of Study in Philosophy. My hobbies include birding, scuba diving, hiking, paddling, traveling, and makeup/face paint. I spend most of my free time exploring Florida’s parks and water features, and I am always happy to chat about my favorite local spots.

Why I Chose New College:  I chose New College for the small class sizes and the narrative evaluation system. After a lifetime of GPAs and competitive academic atmosphere, all I learned was that I no longer want to be pitted against my peers or desperately vying for a teacher’s attention. Since coming to New College, my passion for learning has been reignited, and I am truly enjoying my classes, my time spent in the field, and the connections I have made in the community.

Favorite Things about New College: My favorite thing about New College is the emphasis on creativity, whether its creative problem solving in classes or the creative personal expression of New College students. I love being at an institution where I feel like my individuality is fostered and appreciated, and I love being surrounded by other students who experience the same thing.

Plans after graduation: I plan to take a gap year to gain work experience in veterinary medicine before I apply to vet school.

Fehmi Neffati

Hometown: Menzel Bourguiba, Tunisia
High School: Mount Zion Christian Academy
Year at New College: Third year
Area of Concentration:  Computer Science

Aaslema! My name is Fehmi Neffati (He/Him)! I am a third year student here at New College with an Area of Concentration of Computer Science. I was born and raised in Tunisia, North Africa. My favourite hobbies are photography, cooking, gardening, and sports. I am new to Florida and loving it so far! I can’t wait to have you on our beautiful campus.

Why I choose New College: 2 days after applying to New College on common app, I received an email from Tiffany, who is the manager of Graduate and International enrollment. Two minutes into the call, we started speaking French to each other. From the ability to delineate your own course work and curriculum to the beauty of the campus and the weather of Sarasota. It felt like a home away from home.In essence, I am primarily interested in attending New College of Florida because of how personable the professional staff has been to me. As an international student who lives thousands of miles away, personality matters in the business of the academy, especially since the academy will also be my home for the next three years. Of course, the rigorous Computer Science program is attractive to prospective Computer Scientist, but having professionals staff being so friendly and supportive of my career goals from such an early point in the admissions process gives my reassurance that my interest is their vested interest, and that New College of Florida will undoubtedly support my academic goals.

Favorite things about New College: How unique every single student is. The bay. The tremendous support system and resources. The weather. 

Plans after graduation: Grad school

Rocio Del Mar

Hometown: Aguada, Puerto Rico
High School: Winter Park High School
Year at New College: Fourth year
Area of Interest: Anthropology and Spanish 

Hi! My name is Rocio and I’m a fourth year student of Anthropology and Spanish here at NCF.  I was born in Puerto Rico but moved to Florida and have gone to school and lived in the Central Florida area for most of my life. I have served as one of the Co Vice Presidents of Diversity and Inclusion for the New College Student Alliance and I was one of the Orientation Leaders for Fall 2021 and 2022. In my free time I love to skate, you might see me scooting around or trying to catch the sunset down by the bay on my roller skates!  I love going on walks around campus, in particular to any of the little spots on campus with edible plants like the mulberry tree down over by 4 winds, to catch the sunset by the bay, heading on down over to the Caples waterfront or hopping next door to the Ringling Museum’s grounds and circus exhibit!

Why I Chose New College: I stumbled across New College my senior year of high school after a friend of mine toured and told me about NCF as being an oddball among their other college choices. I was immediately intrigued by the sense of academic freedom offered to New College students, having been in public school from K-12 I had quite frankly grown tired of IB, AP, Common Core, and other such forms of standardized learning and was looking for even the smallest feeling of agency and choice in my education. The prospect of customizable learning opportunities such as the Independent Study Period (ISP), the idea of writing a thesis, the possibility of creating tutorials, the contract system and the absence of required Gen Ed courses caught my attention and drew me to New! It didn’t hurt that the quirky little school was also down by the water and home to beautiful sunsets and the most affordable in state!

Favorite Things about New College: The students really are what New College is all about! Most of all my favorite things about New College revolve around the friends I’ve made here and the memories we’ve shared. Students here are passionate and inquisitive in their learning and our campus is littered with student initiated projects and programs like the bees over by the Caple Carriage House, the Student Gardens over by Caples and the hammocks up in the Banyan tree are among my favorite little details of the school. New College draws lots of talented students with unique interests and there is a constant flow of projects, classes and dialogue here that reflect that.

Plans after Graduation: I plan on taking a gap year and hopefully going into grad school the following year! I hope to continue my work in Puerto Rican studies 🙂

Xabier Rezola

Hometown: Miami, Florida
High School:  Southeast High School
Year at New College: Third year 
Area of Interest: International and Area Studies and Political Science

Hey, I am Xabier! I am a third year student here at New College. I have a strong interest in foreign languages and international relations. I have plans on traveling the world and meeting people from all types of backgrounds. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends, watch movies, and meet new people.

Why I Chose New College: Honestly, New College was not my first choice when it came to schools. With the way everything turned out with the pandemic it ended up being the best choice for me. Financially, New College was my best option. It ended up being a great option in general because I have met so many amazing people here, I have gained experiences I could not gain anywhere else, and I feel heard when my professors communicate with me. This school did not start off as my first choice but it ended up becoming one of my best choices.

Favorite Things about New College: The school is just so welcoming and everyone here is so understanding. I love the small community the school has developed over the years and I enjoy the small classroom environments which allow students to better foster professional relationships with professors. I also really like the bay, I know everyone says that but sunsets at the bay are unrivaled.

Payton Sherer

Hometown: Tampa, FL
High School: Blake High School
Year at New College: Fourth year
Area of Interest: Psychology and Art 

Hey there! My name is Payton Sherer and I use she/her pronouns! I am a fourth-year student here at New College and started my ambassador career over the summer, so I’m very excited to join the team! Right now, I’m studying psychology and art with an interest in Endocrinology/Abnormal Psychology and Animation! I’m from Tampa, Florida (born and raised!) but my mother’s family is from Korea, so I’m very passionate about my heritage and culture! When I’m not making coffee at my second job, I enjoy drawing, animating, watching movies/shows with my friends, and making costumes! 

Why I Chose New College: There really is no limit to what I can do with my education from New College! There are so many paths I could take and this freedom excites me!

Favorite Things about New College: One of my favorite aspects of New College was the affordability. As a first generation college student, it was already a challenge navigating the college admissions sphere – but financing my education on top of that? Forget about it! Fortunately, New College provided me with the opportunity to go to college and graduate debt-free, which was extremely important to me, coming from a low-income background. I’m able to get a top-class education without burdening my family, which is truly amazing. 

On top of that, the small class sizes and the ability to get hands-on with my learning is really amazing! Because of the small student body here at New College, my professors are able to get to know me and work with me to create a curriculum tailored to my interests and goals. Without the art faculty, I would not have been able to pursue animation for my thesis – something not typically offered here. But, because of my and my professors’ perseverance, I’m able to have the freedom to pave my own path. 

Plans after graduation: After I graduate, there are two paths I see myself taking: (still deciding!)

  1. Go to graduate school to get my Master’s in Psychology to practice in public schools and/or a private practice, or;
  2. Begin working in entry-level psychology jobs immediately after graduating, with some offers already lined up.

Jacob Silverman

Hometown: Miami, FL
 High School: Miami Country Day School
Year at New College: Fourth year
Area of Interest: Philosophy and Religious Studies/ Russian Literature  

Hey, my name is Jacob. I am a fourth year student here at New College! In my free time I love reading philosophical fiction and science fiction, watching anime, practicing my Yu-Gi-Oh! skills, practicing Japanese and watching movies (I love old movies and horror!). When I am not in class I love spending time at the bay to watch the sunset, helping teach English to Ukrainian students and shopping around Sarasota (we have some incredible book stores). I am using my time here at New College to prepare myself for law school and to hopefully teach English in Japan after graduation!

Why I Chose New College: I did not want to just be another number at my university. I wanted the opportunity to truly be able to know my peers and professors without sacrificing academics. By choosing New College I have been able to pursue my passions while making lifelong relationships with peers and professors.

Favorite Things about New College: While this is an impossibly hard question I have to say I think my two favorite things about NCF are my professors and the bay. Every week I get to go see sunset at the bay which is a five minute walk which you could not do anywhere else! 

Plans after graduation: After Graduation I plan on applying to the Fulbright program as well as JET to further my studies abroad. After that I plan to return to the states and go to Law School.

C’erra Tubbs

Hometown: Tampa, FL
High School: Blake High School
Year at New College: Second year
Area of Interest: Marine Biology

Hi, My name is C’erra! My pronouns are she/her. I was born in New Jersey but raised in Florida for majority of my life so I like to consider myself a Florida girl at heart. I am currently a member of our Black Student Union and of the New College Feral Pigeons. In my spare time I like to go bird watching around campus especially the bay (it has an amazing view of Sarasota bay) , roller skate, crochet and just sit by the bay to watch the sunset or do homework. 

Why I Chose New College: I first heard of New College through the mail. I was sent a brochure and as a senior in high school I was ready to apply anywhere that offered marine biology. So when I heard that New College has a great marine biology program I just had to see for myself. I booked a campus tour right away and was sold. New College was actually my first and only campus tour that I went on. After my tour it was my number one choice not only because of the small class sizes but the amount of opportunities this college provides. The people here embrace and  encourage students to explore new areas of interest and to try new things that they might’ve never even known was available. 

Favorite Things about New College: First off I’m in love with the campus. As someone who loves to be outdoors there a quite a few places where I can just sit in nice weather and study. It just makes it so much more enjoyable. As much as I love the campus itself the professors and staff are amazing and it’s very easy to create a great relationship. Since class sizes are small most professors will know you by name or recognize you around campus. This in itself as helped me been more open to asking questions and reaching out to professors when needed. They are more then happy to help and accommodate you to the best of there ability. There are many resources available to students on campus but my favorite is probably the Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC). New college takes mental health very seriously and having the CWC is a great resource if someone is struggling with mental health. It’s a very welcoming and simple process. 

Plans after graduation: I plan to go to graduate school for my PhD in marine biology and ecology to conduct research.

Lydia Ubry

Hometown: New Castle, PA
High School:  Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School
Year at New College: Second year
Area of Interest: Environmental Studies (Anthro Concentration)/ Marine Biology and Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies 

Hey there! My name is Lydia (she/her), and I’m a second-year student at New College! I have loved getting involved on and around campus, and am currently the resident Music Director for Blackbox productions, as well as an Admin of Dance Collective, one of the oldest and largest clubs on campus! Coming from a colder climate, I have been loving life in Florida, especially the internship, career, and recreation activities that come with it! I love scuba diving with the Bull Sharks Dive Club, jamming out or writing music in the Caples Campus music rooms, or hanging out with my friends watching the sunset and doing yoga at the bay. 

Why I Chose New College: I was looking at colleges during the height of Covid-19 quarantine, which made it difficult to decide where to apply, so I ended up applying and was accepted to 18 schools on the east coast. New College wasn’t on my radar at first, but after listening to a Zoom presentation, the unique style of the education piqued my interest. I loved the idea of small class sizes, connections to professors, lack of intense academic pressure, and the amazing location. After touring, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. 

Favorite Things about New College: Oh, I could just go on and on! First of all, I love the close connection with peers, professors, and faculty. For example, in my first year, I emailed my General Chemistry (a fairly large class) professor that I wouldn’t be in class that morning because I wasn’t feeling well. Not only did he send me the notes from that class, but he had also bought breakfast for the entire class that morning, knew who my roommate was, and had her bring me breakfast and an entire bottle of orange juice! Another time, one of my theatre professors saw me walking home from the other side of campus in the pouring rain and drove me back to my dorm. You make friends so easily that by the end of my first semester, I had to leave myself extra time on my way to class because I knew I’d see someone and strike up a conversation. Additionally, I love the natural beauty of New College- the Sarasota bayfront (dolphins and manatees, anyone?), the Food Forest, the great climbing trees and outdoor spaces, and the unique class spaces that combine old Florida charm and the newest, eco-centered technologies.

Plans after graduation: Right now, I’m not sure where I would like to go after I graduate! I am highly considering graduate school, or continuing my work with Sarasota County’s Environmental Planning and Development Department (I’m working there now as their seasonal Marine Turtle Specialist). Wherever I end up, I am extremely confident that New College has given me the tools, discipline, work ethic, and knowledge within my AOC and beyond to succeed wherever my passions lead me.

Quentin Voccia

Hometown: Altamonte Springs, FL 
High School:  Lake Brantley High School
Year at New College: Third year 
Area of Interest: Biological Psychology

Hello, my name is Quentin Voccia and I am a Student Ambassador at New College of Florida. I am interested in studying the biological aspects of behavior as well as neuroscientific approaches to psychology. I am a native Floridian which means I am totally used to the heat and do not get hot at all when it’s 100 degrees outside. I enjoy going for bike rides and spending time with my friends. I also love baking and cooking and sometimes leave random assortments of desserts in the dorm lounges.

Why I Chose New College: I toured New College with my brother my Freshman year of high school and found it to really be an exciting place where my education could grow! We heard about NCF through my mom’s friend who graduated from New College. I came back two more times to do a campus visit and an open house which helped solidify my decision that New College was the right campus for me!

Favorite Things about New College: I love the architecture and the history surrounding it! The fact that I work in the Ringling brothers’ mansion still amazes me! I also love how when I walk down the street/promenade, fifty different people say hi to me! It’s a very close-knit community and I love it!

Plans after graduation: I plan to get a degree/doctorate (MD/PhD) in a graduate program either at University of Central Florida, Florida Institute of Technology, or at the University of Houston.

London Weier

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
High School: Thomasville High School Scholars Academy
Year at New College: Fourth year
Area of Interest: Environmental Studies and International and Area Studies

Hi my name is London Weier! I use She/Her pronouns and am currently a Fourth Year. I also work at the Student Success Center (SSC) and serve as the Green Affairs Representative. Some of my favorite activities are spending time in the student gardens, paddling on the bay, and walking my dog, who has been a New College resident for three years! Academically, I’m interested in Sustainable Development, Sustainable food production, and community garden organizing. I can’t wait to show you around the place I’ve called home for my college education!

Why I Chose New College: When searching for colleges to apply to, I went on many tours and repeatedly felt let down in some way. It wasn’t that other schools didn’t excite me, it just didn’t feel like a place I could call home. New College was the last school I toured and the first one I applied to because it felt like a place I could really feel a part of a community at. The professors and students made me feel welcome immediately and I could see the impacts of students around campus whether it be in Hamilton Center or the Student Gardens. New College is the kind of place you can make lasting friendships and professional relationships that are curated by our small, tight knit community. 

Favorite Things about New College: The absolute most impressive things about this school are the impacts students can have on the campus community and the opportunities available to them. Here, students have the opportunity to lead initiatives in Green Affairs, Student Life, and many more in addition to being able to work closely with professors on research projects. Additionally, the students here are able to find a rare kind of freedom that comes along with an open-minded student body. When you put those two things together, you create the unique environment we have here and you see how people can experience so much growth during their time at New College. Both the students and the professors make this place what it is. 

Plans after graduation: After graduation I hope to serve as an English Teaching Assistant in Indonesia through the Fulbright program. Additionally, I would like to attend a Masters Program in Development, Environment, and Cultural Change at the University of Oslo in Norway. We will see where the wind takes me!