Residential Life

The Office of Residential Life is responsible for student housing and meal plans. They are located in Hamilton Classroom 003 on the East Campus.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

When do new students move in?
Saturday, August 16

When is new student orientation?
August 16-24, 2014

When is housing information sent?
Housing and roommate forms will be available online through the Accepted Students site in May. No forms will be mailed to students. Additionally, housing information will be sent out along with orientation newsletters throughout the summer.

When are housing forms due?
Priority consideration will be given to forms returned to the Office of Residential Life by July 1st.

When are residence hall rooms assigned?
Residence hall rooms will be assigned in July. Notifications for assignments will be sent out late July.

How are residence hall rooms assigned and roommates matched?
The Office of Residential Life reads each residence hall application and roommate matching form and match based off similarities. Your decision to apply for Financial Aid and when you turn in forms does not affect housing and roommate assignments. Incoming students will find out their roommates in the summer before orientation.

What items should I bring to equip my on-campus residence hall room?
Click here for a suggested packing list for your on-campus residence hall room as well as which items to leave at home.

For more information, please visit the Office of Residential Life.





Residential Life & Food Service
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Phone: (941) 487-4259
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