Residential Life

Living on campus at New College gives you the opportunity to be fully engaged in student life. New College students enjoy a strong sense of camaraderie and community unique to our campus. Our campus community is so important to our student success that New College is designated as an intentional residential college, and, as such, requires all students to live in the residence halls.

The Office of Residential Life is responsible for student housing and meal plans. They are located in Hamilton Classroom 003 on the East Campus.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

When do new students move in?
Saturday, August 15, 2015

When is new student orientation?
August 15-23, 2015

Is housing guaranteed? Is there a housing deposit?
New College of Florida guarantees housing to all first-year students. A majority of our first-year students are housed in our historic Pei community, however we do have a limited number of spaces in our Living Learning Communities. Once admitted students simply submit a housing application and contract, no deposit is required. Assignments are then sent out by the first week in July along with roommate information.

When is housing information sent?
Housing applications are now available online. No forms will be mailed to students unless requested by calling the Office of Residential Life and Food Service (in cases of incoming students no​t​ having immediate access to internet this summer). Additionally, housing information will be sent out along with orientation newsletters throughout the summer.

When are housing forms due?
Priority consideration will be given to forms returned to the Office of Residential Life by July 1.

When are residence hall rooms assigned?
Residence hall rooms will be assigned in July. Notifications for assignments will be sent out late July.

How are residence hall rooms assigned and roommates matched?
The residence hall application includes questions regarding lifestyle preferences. These are used by our online computerized system to make smart matches based off similarities. Your decision to apply for Financial Aid and when you turn in forms does not affect housing and roommate assignments. Incoming students will find out their roommates in the summer before orientation.

What if I want to live off campus?
New College is a fully residential program, meaning all students are required to live on campus unless provided an explicit exemption of the residency requirement. If you live with your parents in the surrounding area, are over 25 years of age, are married, have children or other human dependents, or other special circumstances, you may be granted an exemption. To request an exemption, you will have to petition for off campus through the online system. The deadline for consideration is July 1, 2015. Applications received after July 1 will be reviewed in December for the following spring 2016 school year.

How does the meal plan work?
All students are required to be on a college meal plan, even if you are a commuter. Meal plans are assigned based on your residential assignment. You may always upgrade your meal plan but you cannot reduce the original plan that you are assigned. The meal plan is a debit type of system, so you pay for what you select to purchase from the Dining Room, or the Boar's Head Café.

What items should I bring to equip my on-campus residence hall room?
Click here for a suggested packing list for your on-campus residence hall room as well as which items to leave at home.

How do I learn more about the residence halls?
Click here to learn more about the residence halls, including floor plans, and here for Pei room configuration examples. The preceding link is architectural computerized renderings of the new Southwest Furniture being installed this summer into the Pei community. If you have specific questions regarding room design or occupancy for the Pei community, please contact the housing office for clarification.

For more information, please visit the Office of Residential Life.

Residential Life & Food Service
New College of Florida, HCL 3
5800 Bay Shore Road
Sarasota, Florida 34243

Phone: (941) 487-4259
Fax: (941) 487-4517