Meet the Student Writing Assistants (SWAs) of the New College Writing Resource Center!

Adam is a third-year student at the New College of Florida with an Area of Concentration in Economics and Finance. He hopes to pursue the Bloomberg and CFA Level 1 certifications this year. His favorite thing about being a SWA is learning and helping students through a large range of focuses and topics. Adam loves dogs, and a fun fact about him is that he was born in Cairo, Egypt.

Alex is a third-year English AOC with a minor in Rhetoric and Writing. She also has experience in journalism, humanities, and writing studies. Alex is excited to help make writing as painless and stress-free as possible at every stage in the writing process. In her free time, she enjoys watching trashy reality television shows, reading, and drinking coffee. Alex will be working from Orlando with her miniature-doxie Gabby who will definitely pop in during appointments with a lot to say!

Cas is a second-year anticipated psychology AOC. In addition to psychology, they also are familiar with gender studies, rhetoric and writing, as well as English/literature coursework. They love making arts and crafts, their favorite being friendship bracelets. Cas’s favorite thing about SWAing is being able to help other students feel more confident about their writing. So if you’d like to chat about debunked psychological studies or learn how to make friendship bracelets, talk to Cas!!

Hope is a 4th year with an Environmental Studies AOC. She had a summer internship working with birds of prey, and is writing her thesis about the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow. She loves reading fantasy and talking about movies. Her camera roll is full of photos of her dog, Dupree, and her kitten, Rook!

Jack is a 4th year Religion AOC, with particular interests in Buddhism, Mysticism, and topics relating to Religious Experience. His interests also include other philosophical topics such as Existentialism and its related ideas like the meaning of life, morality, and the value of social relationships. Jack is most familiar with writing argumentative essays involving research into a topic and the construction and defense of a thesis statement. His favorite parts of the writing process include brainstorming, planning, and researching, but he also enjoys polishing pieces that have already been written too! In his spare time Jack makes music and enjoys being outside. So, if Religion and Philosophy, planning and editing papers, or just pondering ‘what’s the point of all this?’ is what interests you, then Jack is the right SWA for you!

Jamie is a third-year Literature/Gender Studies AOC with experience in Sociology and Anthropology, as well as seven years of Spanish language study. Her favorite parts of the writing process are creating outlines and developing arguments, but she’s happy to help during any stage of your writing process! Talk to Jamie about astrology, queer literature, or her cat, Fronk.

 Kranti is a second year student in a English AOC with a secondary field AOC in Writing and Rhetoric. He has experience in writing for various fields, including the social sciences and biology/neuroscience. They enjoy helping with finishing papers as well as brainstorming new ideas. This year she’ll be be accepting both in person and online appointments. May have different hair colors each meeting.

Mason is a thesis student with a self designed interdisciplinary AOC that focuses on neuroscience, neurodiversity, and disability studies. He has also done some tutorial work in education research. Feel free to start a conversation about cartoons (examples: ATLA, Gravity Falls, Amphibia). They especially enjoy working with writers on brainstorming and getting to the first draft.

Piper is a third-year majoring in Botany. As a Natural Sciences major, she has experience with scientific writing and other specialized writing such as grant and REU applications. Piper loves the science of all things plants, but has experience in other fields such as Ecology, Chemistry, Statistics, and Environmental Studies. She has an appreciation for art and spends her free time painting.

Sawyer is in her fourth year at New College and is a Pre-Med/Biology AOC. She’s passionate about herpetology, but intends to pursue a career in orthopedics after graduating! In her free time you can find her working on her quest to become a Star Wars lore master, and caffeine is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the way to her heart. This year, she’ll be holding SWA appointments in-person, and will specialize in Natural Science writing!

Skylar is a 4th year Biology AOC. While most of their writing experience is within the natural sciences, they have some experience with art/art history writing. They are willing to take a look at any writing assignment you are willing to bring. Cartoons and comics are always there to inspire them. In their free time they are most likely to be found drawing where there is likely a cat or a snake nearby.

Sophia is a third year and an English AOC. She’s most familiar with rhetoric in writing, creative writing, and journalism, but one of her favorite parts of being a SWA is getting to work with students who write for a variety of different things. His favorite kind of appointments to have are ones where he gets to brainstorm with the student and talk through their writing process, but he’s happy to help at any stage of the process and in any way. When they’re not focused on school, they enjoy musical theater (unfortunately for everyone within earshot), obscure horror YouTube channels, and taking a book and a pair of earbuds down to the bay.

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