Meet the Student Writing Assistants (SWAs) of the New College Writing Resource Center!

Adam is a fourth-year student at the New College of Florida with an Area of Concentration in Quantitative Economics and Finance. His favorite thing about being a SWA is learning and helping students through a large range of focuses and topics. He is more than happy to help at any point in the writing process and with writing both academic and creative. Adam loves dogs, and a fun fact about him is that he was born in Cairo, Egypt.

Alex is a third year Computer Science AOC with a Rhetoric and Writing secondary field. His favorite part of the writing process is brainstorming and planning, but he can also help at any point in the process. He is looking forward to helping students across wide varieties of AOCs and types of writing. They enjoy playing Nintendo games, appreciating art, and building Legos in their spare time!

B graduated New College in 2020 and has returned for a second round. Their first degree is in Psychology, but now they’re studying Mathematics. They have a background in education and want to be a teacher! They have a dog named Sammy, their favorite animal is a bumble bee, and they STILL play Pokémon Go religiously.

Cas is a third year Biological Psychology AOC with a minor in Environmental Studies. They also have experience with the writing used in the fields of rhetoric and writing, literature, creative writing, and biology. He also enjoys being outside and photographing nature, especially butterflies. Cas’s favorite thing about being a SWA is being able to help other students feel more confident about their writing. If you want help with your writing, or just to talk about butterflies, make an appointment with Cas!

Isabelle is a second year and is an anticipated History/Creative Writing AOC with a sub AOC in Rhetoric and Writing. She has some experience in writing for presentations and applications. She loves to brainstorm topic ideas and use different creative methods for planning out papers. When she is not focused on her school work, she loves to paint, collage, write poems and photographing nature in her free time.

Jovi is a fourth-year Gender Studies and Literature AOC with additional experience in sociology, anthropology, and Spanish language study. Their favorite part about being a SWA is helping writers strengthen and transform their ideas into tangible action plans! If they’re not lounging about with their two tuxedo cats, Coco and Fronk,  you can likely find Jovi journaling, studying astrology, or listening to Fiona Apple. Make an appointment with Jovi today!

Kaitlyn is a 2nd year with a History AOC and a slash in Spanish language and literature. They love art, worms (particularly Slimey from Sesame Street), and talking about her cat, Finn. They enjoy creative writing (even if she doesn’t work on any of their WIPs) and will gladly help writers brainstorm, particularly with problem-solving roadblocks in the writing process.

Kranti is a 3rd year English/Computer Science AOC. This is Kranti’s second year as a SWA, and they really enjoy working with Thesis students. She also enjoys sessions focused on finishing papers, or just starting the brainstorming process. He may or may not have different hair colors and lengths each time you see them.

Nat is a fourth year Social Sciences and Gender Studies student with focuses in psych, sociology, and anthropology, though she also has taken classes in biology, writing, law, and religious studies. You can find them hosting events in their residence hall, reading, gardening, or writing. She has a betta fish named Froot Loop and no free time.

Piper is a fourth-year majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She specializes in Botany and loves the science of all things plants, but is happy to assist in any form/discipline of writing. As a Natural Sciences major, Piper has experience with scientific writing and other specialized writing such as grant and REU applications. She has an appreciation for art and spends her free time painting.

Sam is a second year Chemistry AOC with a secondary in Rhetoric and Writing, but he is a generalist who can help with all sorts of writing. He likes to actively discuss a client’s writing with them, and believes that a student’s confidence in their writing is the most important factor to their success. Structural and organizational analysis is what Sam excels at most. He enjoys video games and 3d-modeling in his free time.

Scruffs is a Thesising 3rd Year, English AoC with a secondary in Rhetoric and Writing. They are extremely passionate about English Education and are on track to becoming a Secondary English Teacher. They’re extremely passionate about helping people find their voice, gaining the confidence to express it, and exploring new media or genres to implement it. Scruffs’ favorite genre is Fantasy Literature, so if you are interested in High Fantasy (like Tolkien or Rothfuss), they are more than happy to go on and on about it.

Sophia is a fourth year English AOC with a slash in Rhetoric in Writing, but she also has experience with journalism and creative writing. His favorite kinds of appointments are working with students in the brainstorming stage and those who write in fields that aren’t familiar to him. When they’re not focused on school, they enjoy musical theater (unfortunately for their roommates), tarot, and walking to the bayfront at sundown.

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