Thesis Support for Faculty

The Thesis Support Guide for faculty addresses some frequently asked questions and offers tips for a successful thesis writing process.

Thesis Support for Faculty

Guiding students through the process of writing their theses can be both incredibly rewarding and draining (sometimes simultaneously). Ideally, we want our students to be excited and prepared as they work through their thesis projects, but, as most of them have never worked on a project of this breadth or focus before, it can also be easy for them to become intimidated and lost.

There are many ways that the Writing Program and Writing Resource Center can support faculty as they work with their students to complete their theses, including recurring SWA appointments, thesis writing groups, and the course Advanced Research Writing that is offered every spring semester. Please see the document below for answers to FAQs regarding thesis support as well as some tips for helping your students manage the workload.

*Download the Thesis Guide for Faculty*

Recommended Readings

Below are the texts that we recommend to thesising students and/or use in the course Advanced Research Writing, which serves as additional thesis writing support and instruction. We have copies of these books for students to look through in the WRC, but they are not available to check out:

  • Eco, Umberto. How to Write a Thesis. Trans. by Caterina Mongiat Farina and Geoff Farina. 2015.
  • Clark, Irene L. Writing the Successful Thesis and Dissertation: Entering the Conversation. 2007.
  • Lipson, Charles. How to Write a BA Thesis: A Practical Guide from Your First Ideas to Your Finished Paper. 2018.
  • Silvia, Paul. How to Write a Lot. 2007.

Helpful Resources for Students

Please visit our Thesis Support for Students page to find helpful handouts and resources for thesis students.

Other Resources for Thesis Support

Provost’s Thesis Support Page
Coming soon!: Open source Canvas Advanced Research Writing course

Online resources:

Here are some websites that we recommend to students who are struggling with staying motivated:

There are many apps and websites for project management, but here are some that we’ve found to be the most helpful. They also all have collaboration modes, so if you have your own account, you can work with your student on their project management page!

Many writers, especially in brainstorming and organization stages, benefit from visual and graphic mapping of their ideas. Below are some sites that we’ve found to be user-friendly and free (of course, good ol’ markers and paper work great, too!):