Faculty Writing Plans

Through the development of area-specific writing plans, the Writing Program seeks to support faculty in three AOCs per 2-year cycle.

Faculty Writing Plans

Through the development of area-specific writing plans, the Writing Program seeks to support faculty in three AOCs per 2-year cycle as they collaboratively:

  1. define discipline-specific writing characteristics;
  2. describe desired student abilities from “entry level” to “advanced”;
  3. review and reflect on existing instructional materials and courses;
  4. create a customized, AOC-specific Writing Plan to articulate these characteristics,
    desired abilities, evaluation of existing materials, and to design, with support**, a plan for strengthening, modifying or developing instructional materials and courses in order to see improvements in student writing across all levels;
  5. assess the efficacy of their efforts, celebrate and share success, and revise/reimplement the Writing Plans as needed.

In the creation phase of the pilot, AOC-unit faculty members work collaboratively with each other and with the Director of Writing to create a customized Undergraduate Writing Plan.

During this phase, faculty may appoint and choose to compensate one person to help coordinate all WEC activity and draft Undergraduate Writing Plans. Three online surveys — a student survey, a faculty/instructor survey, and a professional affiliate survey — are administered by the DOW in order to gather impressions of discipline-specific writing and writing instruction.

Faculty within the AOC collect student writing samples. Faculty and the DOW participate in a series of four hourlong faculty meetings. Faculty submit their completed Plans to the Writing Advisory Committee, an all-faculty board charged with approving Writing Plans.

In the second phase, approved Writing Plans are implemented for two semesters. Because Plans are unique to the AOCs creating them, implementation efforts vary.

Examples at other colleges have included:

  • systematically incorporating agreed-upon writing criteria into writing assignments and grading schemes;
  • co-facilitating a series of instructional consultations and facilitating customized workshops;
  • incorporating brief interactive writing workshops into select undergraduate courses; sending faculty teams to campus-wide seminars focused on writing instruction;
  • purchasing faculty copies of John Bean’s Engaging Ideas: The Professor’s Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking, and Active Learning in the Classroom (2001);
  • designating writing-enriched courses; and creating and distributing discipline-specific writing style guides.

As Implementation efforts are determined by the faculty within the AOC,  we expect these efforts may look somewhat different at New College than at other colleges.

In the third phase of an AOCs engagement with the pilot, AOC unit faculty members revisit and assess their Writing Plan and its implementation.

Revisions and adjustments resulting from this assessment are then made to the Writing Plan, which the faculty resubmits to the Writing Advisory Committee. Approved Plans move back into implementation phase.

Assessing the Writing Plans:

Ongoing assessment activity of the pilot will be conducted by the Writing Program in conjunction with the Writing Advisory Committee with three primary purposes:

  1. To determine the efficacy of the Writing Plans model at NCF. Overall assessment focuses on the extent to which the model succeeds at enabling faculty members and other instructors to integrate meaningful writing instruction into their teaching with the overall goal of improving undergraduate student writing.
  2. To ensure feasible and relevant pedagogical change. The Writing Advisory Committee assesses a unit’s Writing Plan based on its relevance, its feasibility, and the evidence it provides that the process and resulting plans represent the ideas and intentions of the AOC-unit.
  3. To sustain implementation. Writing program staff provide ongoing support to the units as they create, implement, assess, and revise their Writing Plans.

Writing Plan Support

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Current NCF Writing Plan Drafts

The current drafts from our first, and ongoing, writing plans cycle! — coming soon!

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