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The latest in ongoing research and presentations at the WRC.


Writing Program Ongoing Research


Every summer, we ask our incoming students to participate in a few activities to not only begin thinking about college level writing, but to also tell us a little bit about their experiences so we can best support them as they transition into college level writing.

To complete the entire study, students fill out a survey about their previous experiences with writing, submit a paper from high-school, read a short essay about writing process and then write a short essay about their own, and participate in an online discussion forum with each other and current New College Student Writing Assistants. We use the results of this study to inform our own programming, to guide our WRC training topics, and to share with faculty advisors.


Improving student retention has always been a goal of New College of Florida administrators, and it is becoming an increasingly vital outcome due to the state of Florida’s performance based funding model, which appropriates funds amongst state colleges and universities. To increase student retention, NCF has further developed student support services to ensure students have the tools available to achieve success.

In order to measure the impact of one such service, the Writing Resource Center partnered with the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment to determine if student use of the Writing Resource Center in the 2014-2015 academic year had an effect on student retention the following fall semester.

Data was collected by the New College Writing Resource Center (WRC) on the number of times students in their first through third years at New College visited the WRC during the 2014-2015 academic year. Results showed that students who used the WRC once were significantly more likely to be retained for the following academic year.

Undergraduate Research

The Writing Program faculty, staff, and Student Writing Assistants are busy conducting and speaking/writing about their research. See below for presentations given by Student Writing Assistants:

L. Nowak-Laird and C. Torregrosa, “Writing Center Advocacy: Creating Positive Reciprocity Between Students!” NCTE Conference, Atlanta GA 2016
J. Esposito, A. Maass, A. Magee, L. Nowak-Laird, J. Wells, “Mining the Creative Collective: An Idea-Generating Workshop” International Writing Centers Association Conference, Denver CO, 2016
J. Esposito and L. Nowak-Laird, “Challenging Hegemonic Frontiers and Moving Towards a Postcolonial Writing Center” International Writing Centers Association Conference, Denver CO, 2016


PAST PRESENTATIONS by writing program admins:

J. Esposito, A. Maass, A. Magee, L. Nowak-Laird, J. Wells, “Mining the Creative Collective: An Idea-Generating Workshop” International Writing Centers Association Conference, Denver CO 2016
J. Wells “Threshold Concepts of Undergraduate Research” Conference of the Council of Undergraduate Research, Tampa FL 2016
J. Wells “Living on The Edge” Bi-Annual Conference on Threshold Concepts, Halifax, Canada 2016
J. Wells “How to Hold a Slippery Fish: Studying Student Dispositions” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Houston TX 2016
A. Maass “Downtown or Neighborhood?: Using the Metaphor of ‘City’ to Examine Evolution in Writing Center Spaces” International Writing Centers Association Conference, Pittsburgh PA 2015
A. Maass and J. Wells, Poster: “Imagineering Awesome: How Writing Centers and Peer Tutors Can Transform New Student Orientation” International Writing Centers Association Conference/National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, Orlando FL 2014