Why Study Liberal Arts at New College?

Equip yourself with the cross-disciplinary skills and knowledge necessary in emerging career fields.

Liberal Arts Area of Concentration

Through the Liberal Arts Concentration, you will complete courses and independent projects across disciplines within the Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. Collaborating closely with two faculty experts, you will complete a senior project that demonstrates your ability to integrate and apply your learning to your interests and personal goals. This option is perfect for students whose interests don’t fit within a single field of study, and who want the freedom and flexibility to explore and connect learning across multiple fields.

Recent Theses

  • A Clove a Day Keeps the Dentist Away? A Proposal to Investigate the Efficacy of Natural Quorum Quenching Compounds on Streptococcus Mutans Biofilms
  • Acroporid Success in Captive Environments: From Reefers to Restorationists
  • Creating Accessible Maps: A Pilot for the Automatable Geospatial Analysis of Brownfield Data
  • Ethnophycology: Towards and Understanding of Algae’s Influence on the Story of Humanity
  • Exploring the Diversity of Southwest Florida Fungi Through the Amplification of the Internal Transcribed Spacer Region
  • Increases in Soil Salinity Affect the Efficiency of a Thigmonastic Response in Mimosa pudica
  • “What we are doing here is small but I think this is the future”: Two Case studies for Establishing Agricultural Intentional Communities as a New Social Movement
  • A Musician Muses on Musical Amusements as the Mood Suits Her
  • Call & Response: Love, Pain, Freedom, & Struggle in the Blues
  • Crash Land Falling Through Immersive Theater: An Examination of and Experimentation in Audience Engagement in Live Performance
  • Glitch Healing
  • Holding Fast to the Formless: A Rhizomatic Inventigation
  • Living Tarot
  • Soundscapes and Storyworlds: Video Game Immersion Through Sound
  • The Categorization of Dissonance & The Six Inevitabilities
  • The Concept of Condemnation in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Idiot and Akira Kurosawa’s Hakuchi
  • The Experience of the Hero’s Tale: Self-Actualizing Via an Artistic Medium Such As Music A Three Part Introspective Journey
  • Wittgenstein’s Coffee: An Explanation of Food/Art, Conceptual Art, and Context Cryptozoological Tourism
  • Diplomacy, Steamships, and Juries: The Failed Suppression of the Slave Trade During the Nineteenth Century
  • Ethnographic Colonization: A Postcolonial Theoretical Examination of the Italian Migration to Argentina from 1870 to 1914
  • Globalized Wedding Traditions of Contemporary Istanbul’s Urban Elite
  • Heroines, Healers, and Heretics: Examining the Iconography of the Witch from Antiquity to Now
  • How Florida Allocates Funds to its Universities Demonstrates the Shifting Utility of Higher Education Over Time
  • Queer as Florida: Sexuality and Gender Diversity in the Sunshine State
  • Stars, Dinosaurs, and You: A Prehistoric Podcast
  • The Nature of Relationships in Combat and their Impact on PTSD Outcomes
  • The Sociopsychological History of the “Self-Hatred” Image in Black African Americans Before & During the Civil Rights Movement
  • Youth Empowerment and Self-Esteem For Minority Students of Ballet