Environmental Studies Steering Committee

The Environmental Studies Steering Committee tracks the progress of all students who choose to concentrate in Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies Steering Committee

The ESSC (Environmental Studies Steering Committee) tracks the progress of all students who choose to concentrate in Environmental Studies. As such, ES students must provide two documents to the ESSC:

1. Curriculum Checklist

In the fifth semester, prior to the deadline for the Provisional AOC form, ES students must submit a checklist of the courses they have taken toward the ES Requirements. For students who have entered in Fall 2009 or later, this must also include the five courses in your track worked out with your faculty advisor (potential thesis sponsor). Students who entered New College prior to Fall 2009 may use the old checklist. In both cases, an unofficial copy of your transcript must be submitted with the checklist. Environmental Studies Students’ AOC forms will not be accepted by the registrar without a signature from the ESSC.

Downloadable Checklists:

For Fall 2016 ES Students or later
For Fall 2009 ES Students or prior

2. Thesis Grant Proposal

In the sixth or seventh semester, ES students must submit a research grant proposal about their thesis to the ESSC along with an updated checklist of the courses they have taken toward the ES Requirements (even if funds are not needed). The attached guidelines explain what is expected for the grant proposal. Previously written grants may be used to satisfy this requirement if they 1) concern the thesis project and 2) contain all of the information requested in our grant guidelines.

ES Grant Application

The thesis proposal should be written with input and help from your faculty sponsor (thesis advisor); a letter of support is also required.

Submit all documents to the ES Office Manager, preferably through email (ESP@ncf.edu).

Current ESSC Members

Heidi Harley (Director of Environmental Studies and Professor of Psychology)
Emily Saarinen (Co-Director of Environmental Studies Program; Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies)
Julie Morris (Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs)
Frank Alcock (Associate Professor of Political Science & Environmental Studies)
David Brain (Professor of Sociology & Environmental Studies)
Nicolas Delon (Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies)
Mark Paul (Assistant Professor of Economics and Environmental Studies)
Francesca Galliano ( Student Representative)