Natural Sciences Curriculum

View the requirements for an AOC in Natural Sciences and see sample pathways to graduation.


Area of Concentration Requirements

The goals of an Area of Concentration in Natural Sciences are normally achieved by meeting the following requirements:

  1. Satisfactory completion of at least 6 introductory courses distributed among at least three Natural Sciences disciplines (chosen from biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics or physics). This usually involves the successful completion of the introductory sequence (2 semester courses) in each of three disciplines.
  2. A minimum of an additional two semester courses beyond the introductory sequence in one discipline. The faculty will entertain requests for exceptions to these specific requirements as long as work of sufficient breadth and depth has been done in the division.
  3. At least one Independent Study Project in the Natural Sciences.
  4. A senior thesis in some area of the natural sciences is sponsored by a faculty member of the Natural Sciences Division.