Mathematics Curriculum

View the requirements for an AOC in Mathematics and see sample pathways to graduation.



Area of Concentration Requirements

The core program for students electing a major in Mathematics includes:

  • Three semesters of Calculus
  • Linear Algebra and Advanced Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Two semesters of Abstract Algebra
  • Two semesters of Real Analysis
  • Complex Analysis
  • Three semesters of Math Seminar
  • A thesis in mathematics

In addition, students are encouraged to take courses and tutorials in topology, discrete mathematics, graph theory, probability, geometry, and number theory, as well as computer science and other sciences. Finally, students are applauded for forays into other liberal arts courses in the humanities and social sciences.

An essential element of the mathematics program is participation in the Math Seminar, a longstanding New College tradition. Offered every semester, this seminar provides a forum for math majors as well as nonmajors to present a talk on a mathematically-related topic to an audience of students and the math faculty. One of the most important roles of the Math Seminar has been to build a sense of community in the program in addition to honing students’ communication skills.

Students majoring in mathematics are encouraged to participate in summer research programs.

Joint Disciplinary AOC Requirements

For students interested in a slash (minor) in mathematics, the minimum requirements are:

  • Calculus I and II
  • Differential Equations or Calculus III
  • Linear Algebra
  • Two semesters of the following: Abstract Algebra I and II, Real Analysis I and II.
  • One semester of Math Seminar