Forms and processes related to the grant process at New College.


There are a few forms that need to be filled out when applying for external funding. Most of them have to do with internal procedure meant to insure that ORPS will be able to be as helpful as possible when assisting you with your grant proposal. First and foremost, there is the Proposal Checklist:

Proposal Checklist

The Proposal Checklist is a fillable PDF that will help you get an idea of the different campus offices you will need to be in contact with for the creation of your proposal.

When writing your proposal. It is a good idea to keep in mind, New College’s Time and Effort Policy. When working with federal grant agencies, you will need to familiarize yourself with the policy and make sure your budget reflects its effects properly. For an in-depth look at the policy itself, check it out here:

Time and Effort Procedure

Most funding agencies will ask you for institutional information as part of your grant proposal. This information can be found here:

ORPS Handbook


Institutional Information

Institutional Information


IRb Information

Current IRB

Maria Vesperi, Social Sciences, Chair
Sonia Labrador-Rodriguez, Humanities
Donald Colladay, Natural Sciences
Alyson Gamble, Science Librarian
Darcy Young, Nonaffiliated Member
Lee Ann Rodriguez, Administrator


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