Guides to success

Here are some resources to help you get your proposal off the ground.

Proposal Advice

Please refer to our Sponsored Research & Projects Guide when writing a grant proposal. We’ve also complied a list of helpful resources to get you started.

A Guide to Proposal Planning and Writing (pdf)
By Jeremy T. Miner and Lynn E. Miner

Funding Your Best Ideas: A 12-Step Program
(Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE)

Grant Search & Information
By Anne Farmer, Allen County Community College, and Mary Pat McQueeney, Johnson County Community College

Linguistics: Guidelines for Writing Grant Proposals
(National Science Foundation)

The Art of Writing Proposals: Some Candid Suggestions for Applicants to Social Science Research Council Competitions (pdf)
By Adam Przeworski and Frank Salomon

Writing Proposals for ACLS Fellowship Competitions (pdf)
By Christina M. Gillis

PDFs of presentations by Jeremy T. Miner:
Beginner’s Guide to Grant Writing
Persuasive Grant Writing
Getting Funded, Getting Published