Completed Awards

Our faculty and staff are always looking to push the envelope of academic research. The process almost always involved going to outside sources for funding, so as to increase the credibility of the project in addition to reliving some of the financial responsibility from New College and the PI. Here are some of the projects that have been successfully completed at New College with the help of external funding.

Fun and Fitness Expo

The Fun and Fitness Expo has become something of a beloved New College institution at this point. With 2016’s expo bringing over 75 local vendors into the college to present their wares to the New College community.

Put on by the Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC), the Fun and Fitness Expo centers itself on promoting healthy and active lifestyles among New College Students, and the focus isn’t just on physical health, but on mental as well as spiritual health, with the hope to encourage a holistic view of health and our relationship to our bodies.

Over the course of an afternoon, activities, games, and healthy foods are made available to the public free of charge, with the hopes of encouraging those present to see the fun of living a healthy life. The expo brings together various local, likeminded businesses and initiatives so that they might be able to foster relationships with one another, as well as bringing awareness of these programs to the local community.

Many of these programs focus on affordability, innovation, and education, as well as making themselves easily accessible to the community. The CWC has incorporated the Fun and Fitness Expo into their greater goal of creating a community of wellness amongst New College students, USF Sarasota-Manatee Students, and the surrounding area by making it an easily accessed event in which all are invited to participate.