Current Student Testimonials

Ashley Brockway
B.A., Economics,
New College of Florida

“I applied to the Data Science program to expand my toolkit working with data. I increased my confidence in computer programming and statistics, and was able to apply theoretical material in self-directed projects with my classmates. I expanded my network by meeting with alumni and bonding with my cohort over homework and group study sessions.  At a high level, the program is job-focused but, in my experience, I learned strong problem-solving skills that can be applied across many projects in both work and life.”

Adam Lashley
B.A., Psychology,
University of South Florida,
St. Petersburg

“The New College of Florida program is incredibly affordable. Students can expect a very well-rounded education from the data science program, whether it be in algorithms, statistics or general programming, you’ll have all the things you’ll need to be successful as a data scientist.”

Alumni Testimonials

Adriana Souza

Data Scientist
Elutions, Inc.
Class of 2019

“My favorite thing about the graduate program was the fact that it was a cohort-based education.  We were all from different backgrounds.  Me, coming from a math and economics background, I wasn’t the best programmer.  So, I needed to lean on others around me to help me build those skills up  and I used my math skills to help others who didn’t come with as much math.  Being so close to my colleagues and professors was a really wonderful experience.”

Tanner Robart
Data Scientist Researcher
U.S. Department of Transportation
Class of 2017

“The graduate program at New College were some of the best years of my life. I learned technical skills that still enable me to work in modern and cloud based computing environments. Getting so much 1 on 1 time to work and talk with my professors made sure I always had resources and help when I needed it. Working with real businesses provided hands-on consulting experience and a broad exposure to the diverse practices and needs of clients.”

Daavid Stein
Machine Learning Engineer
Dendra Systems
Class of 2020

“The New College of Florida graduate program helped prepare me for the role I’m in by giving me the tools I need to process and analyze data, and engage with it critically. It also taught me to work collaboratively with other data scientists. In fact, I would not be at the role I’m in without the connections I made in the program.