Earn two bachelor's degrees in five years. New College and the University of Florida (UF) offer a dual degree program with a liberal arts/engineering focus.

Two Degrees in Liberal Arts & Engineering

This innovative dual degree program allows students to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal arts with a Natural Science Area of Concentration from New College and a Bachelor of Science degree in an engineering major from UF. Students in this five-year program complete their first two years at New College and the final three years at UF.


Each student enrolled in the program will be required to first attend New College for approximately two years, completing a minimum of 62 transferable academic credits (15.5 Units at New College), then UF for three years and completing a minimum of 76 academic credits and a thesis. After completing the academic requirements of both institutions, the student shall be awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree from New College and the Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from UF. Each student in the program shall complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree at the UF in one of the undergraduate programs listed:

The following engineering disciplines are available to New College Students when they transfer to UF:

The following are courses that can be taken at New College and transferred to the UF and into one of the above engineering disciplines.

  • The full sequence of Calculus (3 terms)
  • Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Physics I, or Honors Physics I (2500, or 2600)
  • Physics II, or Honors Physics II (3001, or 4014)
  • Two terms of Chemistry with Laboratory (General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II)
Computer Science
  • One term of computer programming language
  • Courses prescribed by the major department at UF. If necessary, these may be taken at the UF or other SUS institutions. Note that some of these may be satisfied during the Independent Study Periods at New College.
Humanities and Social Sciences
  • A minimum of 20 credits (5 Units at NCF) credits of non-technical course work must be completed prior to admission to the Program. As part of such 20 credits, one term of Economics and one term of a writing intensive course are required.

Each student enrolled in the Program at the UF will be required to complete a thesis and a baccalaureate exam subject to approval by the Transfer Engineering Director at New College. This will be completed during the fourth year of the five-year program, unless a request for a delay to the fifth year is approved by the Transfer Engineering Director at New College. The thesis is not a UF requirement. Upon satisfactory completion of this thesis, the student would be eligible for the Bachelor of Arts Degree from NCF, but can defer conferment of the degree until all academic requirements for both the NCF and UF degrees have been successfully completed.

Points of Contact:

New College of Florida: Don Colladay, Professor of Physics colladay@ncf.edu

University of Florida: Janna Underhill, Director of Academic Support Services janna@eng.ufl.edu