Cultivating Curiosity. Unleashing Potential.

The Strategic Plan for New College of Florida (2018-2028)

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Why do we exist?

New College of Florida PREPARES intellectually curious students for lives of great achievement.


Where are we headed?

New College will be recognized among the best twenty liberal arts colleges, public or private, in the nation.


What will we achieve?

1,200 students by 2024-25

80% four-year graduation rate by 2027-28


How will we do it?

1. recruit more students who will thrive at new college

a. Tell the New College story
b. Target intellectually curious, high-ability students
c. Enroll students who reflect Florida’s racial and economic diversity


a. Make campus a place students want to be
b. Immerse students in curricula that inspire, as discoveries of our time meet the past
c. Work with each student to knit together a superlative education

3. Make their degree more valuable

a. Build pathways for academic and career success
b. Make Sarasota an educational destination
c. Intensify links with alumni and communities

Which work will we not do?

We will not promote silos.
We will not duplicate when we can collaborate.