Annual Judaic Studies Lecture

This annual Judaic Studies Lecture is sponsored by the Klingenstein Chair of Judaic Studies and the Jay Rudolph Endowment. The lecture is named for Selma Klingenstein who, along with her husband, Paul, helped establish the Klingenstein Chair in Judaic Studies at New College in 2001.

Upcoming Lecture


A Queer Zionism: Jessie Sampter and the Paradoxes of Jewish Nationalism

Sarah Imhoff
Associate Professor in the Borns Jewish Studies Program and Religious Studies Department at Indiana University Bloomington
Author of, Masculinity and the Making of American Judaism

Rescheduled (due to COVID surge) to:
March 14, 2022
5:30 – 7:00 PM
Sainer Auditorium

Talk will be in-person and live-streamed.

Previous Speakers

2019: Gregg Gardner, “Excavating the Foundations of Charity in Classical Jewish Texts”

2018: Nicola Denzey Lewis: “Rethinking The Jewish Catacombs”

2017: Rachel Neis, “Humans, Animals, and Hybrids in Rabbinic Reproductive Thought”

2016: Talya Fishman, “How did Jews Become the People of the Talmud?: The Metamorphosis of Oral Torah in Medieval Europe.”

2015: Jonathan Klawans, “The Masada Story: Martyrs, Murders and Myths”

2013: Cynthia M. Baker, “The Essentially Ambiguous Jewess: Exploring Images of Jewish Women through the Centuries”

2012: Jordan D. Rosenblum, “Jewish Foodways: Ancient and Modern”

2011: Maxine Grossman, “What’s the Use of ‘Men’ in Jewish Feminist Scholarship?”

2010: David Frankfurter, “Exorcism and Demons in Early Judaism”

2009: Nora Rubel, “Gefilte Fish in the Gilded Age: Jewish Women’s Activism and the Settlement Cookbook.”

2008: Jodi Magness, “The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls.”

2007: David Stern, “Through the Pages of the Past: The Jewish Book in its Historical Context.”

2005: Ross Kraemer, “Searching for (Jewish?) Women in Greco-Roman Narratives: Or When is a Text about a Woman a Text about a Woman.”

2004: John Marshall, “Reading Judaism while Reading Revelation: New Perspectives on the Diaspora.”