Campus Space Scheduling

New College welcomes inquiries from outside groups interested in renting our campus and its facilities for public or private events.

Schedule an event at New College

New College welcomes inquiries from outside groups interested in renting our campus and its facilities for public or private events. In addition to weddings and other social occasions, we provide an ideal venue for conferences, meetings, concerts and educational convocations, especially during the summer when the College is not in session. For more information, please call 941-487-4552.

Policies for Use of Campus Spaces by External Organizations

The New College of Florida Campus is primarily dedicated to the purpose of educating New College of Florida students and providing them with a rich variety of curricular and co-curricular opportunities to flourish in an enhanced residential college environment. This policy pertains to the use of campus by external organizations.

  1. Fundraising Events for External Organizations on Campus Are Not Allowed Ordinarily, fund-raising events may not be held on campus for any external organizations whatsoever.
  2. Space Usage Rental Fees and Other Conditions
    (a) For space usage rental fee schedule, see Regulation 3-1002, Tuition and Fees, in the online New College Regulations Manual
    (b) External organizations may be approved to use NCF space for an event free of rental charge only if the organization and the event are tied to the NCF mission, provided space is available.
    (c) External organizations approved to use NCF space available free of rental charge must cover any set up, reset, equipment, cleaning or staffing costs incurred.
  3. Sponsorship of Events Requires Approval Sponsorship of any external organization event on campus must be authorized by the Director of Communications and Marketing, one of the Vice Presidents, or the President of New College of Florida. No one else may approve New College sponsorship of external organization events.

Procedures for Requesting Space for Baccs, Thesis and ISP Through EMS

  1. Students seeking to use a space for their Baccs or ISPs should first go to their division offices and have an EMS request done for the use of the room they wish to use for their Baccs or ISPs. In the event that your division personnel don’t have EMS access then please contact the Campus Space Scheduling offices directly at 4491/4665 or e-mail or the Registrar’s Office at 4545 or e-mail
  2. Please keep in mind when requesting space that there are some areas that are not able to be requested through the EMS system.
  3. The EMS Virtual Calendar should only be used for general use meeting space on campus such as: Sudakoff Ctr, TA HCL 7 & 8, College Hall Classrooms & Music Room, Cook Hall Conference Room, ACE Rooms, are a few examples.
  4. Areas that are not in the system such as Chae Auditorium, the Anthropology Lab and all other internal meeting spaces should be scheduled directly in the office responsible for those spaces. However, once you have a confirmed space in out of these types of spaces, please let us know so we can put it on the calendar so that students, staff and faculty can attend your Bacc.
  5. Students and Faculty should specify the room, time, date and any additional requirements they may possibly need for the presentation. Please include your campus e-mail address and if possible a phone number, since this is how you will be contacted with a confirmation form for your dates and times, when your request is done in the EMS Virtual Calendar.
  6. Please remember that some spaces are for specialized use and may not be available for general use such as: Sainer Pavilion, ACE Student Lounge, Black Box Theater and the Computer Labs. If there are any questions please feel free to contact Campus Space Scheduling. Jeff Thomas Director of Campus Space Scheduling


College Hall

Our beautiful bayfront, with its natural foliage and historic mansions facing Sarasota Bay, is a popular location for weddings, art fairs, receptions, dinners, cocktail parties and dances. Large tents can be accommodated on the expansive lawn.

The elegant, early 20th-century College Hall is the former home of circus magnate Charles Ringling. It offers a gracious fireplaced living room with curving wrought-iron staircase, enclosed portico overlooking the bay and wood-paneled music room with high, fresco-timbered ceilings, burnished wood floor and grand piano.

College Hall can be blended seamlessly into the outdoors and is generally available on weekends throughout the academic year, as well as throughout the summer months. Located at 351 College Drive, Sarasota, FL 34243.

Updated fee schedule coming soon!


Harry Sudakoff Center

For meetings, concerts, lectures and convocations, we have two popular spaces. On the Pei Campus (east of U.S. 41) is the Harry Sudakoff Lecture and Conference Center, whose 400-seat auditorium can be subdivided into meeting rooms for groups of 50 to 400.

This is a great space for fairs and exhibits, as well as cabaret-style concerts. Located at 5845 General Dougher Place, Sarasota, FL 34243.

See the Sudakoff Center rental fee schedule.

Mildred Sainer Pavilion

The 260-seat Mildred F. Sainer Art and Music Pavilion is ideal for small theatrical and musical performances (a grand piano is available), as well as lectures and panel discussions.

Receptions can be held in the lobby, in the nearby Isermann Gallery or outdoors in the PepsiCo Arcade and Forum, which can accommodate outdoor receptions with plenty of space for large serving tables, a bar and cabaret tables under the covered arches forming a square around the courtyard.

Located just south of the John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art at 5313 Bay Shore Road, Sarasota, FL 34243.

See the Sainer Pavilion rental fee schedule.