Black Box Policies

The BBT is primarily a New College venue devoted to academic and theatrical use. Students, thus, have the right to reserve the space for events if operating under proper procedure.

Black Box Theater Policies

The Black Box Theater is an available space on campus for performance related activities and can be reserved by students, staff, and faculty.

If you are interested in using the space or organizing an event in the BBT, please read the BBT Policies.  You are responsible for upholding the BBT Policies and returning the BBT to its original state after use.  For any further questions regarding policy, please contact the BBT staff by emailing:

The Following documents are designed to help guide students through various theatrical projects:
NCF Theater Guide. This guide, written in 2015, covers all of the basics from faculty who might be interested in sponsoring theatrical projects to tips for scheduling tech rehearsals and strike.
The Stage Manager Guide. This short document outlines all of the duties of the stage manager and offers tips for each stage of the production.
The Costume Designer Guide. This one page guide bullet points the duties of a costume designer for productions at New College.