Stories of travel, experience, campus life and beyond.

Read some of our New College stories and be amazed, intrigued, inspired and motivated to create some of your own.

  • Alumni Stories

    A Long and Winding Road

    Jacob Morton’s career path has been unusual, even for a New College of Florida graduate.

    Problem Solver

    Maxeme Tuchman ’00 focuses on the complicated challenges facing our country

    In Medicine and Service

    Dr. Dennis Saver ’72 reflects on distinguished and rewarding medical career

    Making the Impossible Possible

    A ’91 graduate draws upon his education to reshape the world of special effects and design in film.

    Making Waves in Mass Media

    Kara Andrade's commitment to journalism as a channel for telling the stories of the unseen stems from her own story.

    A Connection to the Water

    From a kayak, Lynne Buchanan documents Florida’s troubled waters

    Multispecies Ethnography

    Eben Kirksey has forged his academic career from eclecticism.

    A Passion for Writing

    Carol Flint credits her education at New College for igniting her passion in writing.

    Life Lessons Learned

    Austin McCann says the communal aspect of learning experienced at New College is still serving him today.

    Challenging the System

    Thinking outside the box exemplifies what it means to be a Novo Collegian.

    The Force Awakens

    Jackson George '95 works on "Star Wars" and advertising for Disney.

    Evolution of a Biologist

    Mark Q. Martindale '77 found a path -- and an initial -- at New College

  • Campus Life Stories

    Enter, Stage Left

    Teamwork brings ambitious productions to Black Box Theater

    Black History Month Explores Intersection of Blackness, Social Activism

    2017's Black History Month was centered around the theme of Black Action, and the intersection between blackness and social activism.

    Cyclists Haven

    New College Bike Shoppe gets a professional makeover

    Comedy on the Fly

    This New College club will be looking for laughs in the Windy City

    A Year of Firsts

    First-year experiences program gives new students solid footing

    Heiser Legacy

    Heiser Expansion adds science labs, classrooms

    Whiz Kids

    New College of Florida’s 2016 Quiz Bowl Team is establishing themselves as one of the best teams in the American Southeast.

    Articulate the Precision

    A project under the guidance of classics professor David Rohrbacher is just one of many at New College where the humanities are finding partners in technology.

    Quiz Bowl Masters

    The New College Quiz Bowl Team takes its trivia seriously, and it pays off.

    From the Middle East to Florida

    New College’s Daughters for Life Scholars fulfill a father's vision for world peace.

    Promoting ‘College for Every Student’

    New College works with a nonprofit that helps disadvantaged teens prepare for college.

    Sailing Wins Big in the Big Easy

    A Sweet Win for New College Sailing Team.

  • Stories Beyond the Classroom

    A Rewarding Experience: Local Volunteerism Gains Momentum

    New College’s history of volunteerism dates almost to its inception.

    Championing American Music

    Professor takes a leadership role in a national organization.


    New College students pass down a love of discovery at a local elementary school

    Proud Tradition

    The spirit of volunteerism runs deep within Novo Collegians

    From Sea to Shining Sea

    New College graduates have devoted themselves to public service.

    Spring Break on the Farm, Not the Beach

    A New College tutorial focused on the difficulties faced by undocumented migrants.

    Building Bridges

    New College professors get a first-hand look at everyday life in Cuba.

    Movers and Shakers

    New College students shine in statewide program leadership program.

    Navigating Life

    In sailboats, students learn to navigate life and the classroom

    New College’s Best and Brightest

    The Center for Engagement and Opportunity unites New College’s career programs.

    Honduran Heaven

    30 Years of Coral, Crabs, Creativity and Connections.

    Creating Bonds by Tutoring

    New College students have been tutoring for several years, and teachers say their help has been invaluable.

  • Student Stories

    A Friendlier World with Data Science

    Graduate student puts storytelling and data science together

    Tying it all Together

    New College sparks the C4 Consortium, seeking synergy from region’s diverse colleges

    Thai Travel

    An aspiring veterinarian gets the trip of a lifetime

    Keeping Her Options Open

    Caitlyn Ralph interests are as varied at the curriculum at New College.

    A Passion for Public Health

    New College, says fourth-year student Edline Francois, has taught her how to handle anything the world throws at her.

    Chemistry, Cells and Cancer Research

    Neal Lacey is headed to a prestigious two-year research program at the National Institutes of Health near Washington, D.C.

    High-energy physics and Oxford

    New College's Nick Abboud has won a full scholarship for a master's degree at Oxford in physics and math.

    In-Depth Researcher

    Constance Sartor wins a national Hollings Scholarship to advance her love of marine science.

    Recording Community History

    New College plays an important role in preserving the rich history of Sarasota County and the Gulf Coast.

    Antarctic adventure

    Independent Study Project takes one New College student to the end of the world.

    Real-World Research

    Seven New College of Florida students spent their summers in two major biomedical research institutes.

    Gilman Scholars

    Two New College of Florida Students to study abroad on State Department scholarships.