Academic Forms:

Fall 2019 Mini-Class Schedule Coming soon


Interterm Independent Study Description
Summer Independent Study Description
Independent Study Project (ISP) Add Drop Form

For more information about ISPs, see the General Catalog, pages 91-93.

2019 ISP Evaluation DeadlineMay 29

Contracts and Renegotiation:

Contract Fall 2019 contracts are due Thursday, September 5

*We encourage students to either type contract information or fill them out neatly.

Contract Renegotiation Due Friday, November 15
Registration Holds and Where to Clear Them
For more information about contracts, see the General Catalog, pages 89-91.

Evaluation Deadlines:

  • Students on Probation: December 17 (Fall 2019) & May 19 (Spring 2020)
  • Potential Graduates: May 12 (Spring)
  • All Students: December 26 (Fall) & May 29 (Spring)

Contract Certification Deadlines:

  • Students on Probation: December 18 (Fall) & May 20 (Spring)
  • Potential Graduates: May 12 (Spring)

For 5th Contract Students:

Provisional AOC Form Fall 2019 Due Friday, October 25

For more information, see the General Catalog, page 93.

Early Graduation Information: see the General Catalog, page 99.

For 6th Contract Students

Thesis Prospectus/Area of Concentration Form Fall 2019 due Friday, October 25

For more information, see the General Catalog, page 94.

For Thesis Students and Sponsors:

Note: to change committee members, students must resubmit the Thesis Prospectus/Area of Concentration Form signed by the new committee members, up to two weeks before Baccalaureate Exam.

For more information on the thesis, see the General Catalog, pages 94-99.

For Sponsors:

Baccalaureate Examination Report Spring 2019 Due Friday, May 10

Off-Campus Study Forms:

Off-Campus Study Declaration Form Spring 2020 OCS forms due Thursday, November 1, 2019
Off-Campus Study Tuition Waiver Request Form
Transient Student Form

Leave of Absence and Withdrawal Forms:

Leave of Absence Declaration Form

For more information, see the General Catalog, pages 102-104.

Withdrawal from New College: Students intending to withdraw from New College should visit or contact the Office of the Registrar.

Petition to the Provost:

Petition Form
Petition Procedures

 Resources for Students  Resources for advisors

Biographical Form:

Students should fill out this form to change their legal name, preferred name, preferred pronouns, and/or gender designation to be reflected on their New College of Florida official academic records.