For Current Students

Provisional AOC and Thesis Prospectus Forms are due Friday, April 7th! Find academic & biographical forms and information for current students here.

For Current Students

Below you will find Academic and Biographical forms and information for current students. The forms on this page are only accessible to New College students, faculty, and staff.

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For information on New College’s Veteran’s Benefits and Transition Act policy, click here.

What’s new:

Fall 2019 Mini-Class schedule coming soon!

Contracts are due Sept. 5

  • Contracts Due Thursday, September 5 (Fall 2019)

*We encourage students to either type contract information or fill it in neatly.

For more information, see the General Catalog, pages 89-91.


For more information, see the General Catalog, pages 91-93.

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Registration at New College is a two-part process:

Part I:

The Office of the Registrar automatically registers students for the term and ISP “block courses” in order to add the tuition and other charges to each student’s account as appropriate. Students must clear any holds prior to being registered. Students can view their holds in NewCLEIS.

For information about where to clear holds, please see the following: Registration Holds and Where to Clear Them.

Please Note: Students who have not successfully completed three Independent Study Projects (ISPs) are required to do one in the upcoming January Interterm. ISP tuition and fees are bundled with Fall tuition charges.

Additionally, students must utilize the Course Request System (CRS) through NewCLEIS by the registration deadline for the upcoming semester. If a student does not use the CRS by the registration deadline, a hold will be placed on the student’s account preventing registration for the semester. Students may find the CRS a useful tool for thinking about the courses they may take; in addition, by designating a course they may gain early access to the class Canvas page (allowing them to preview course materials). Use of the CRS does not guarantee a spot in the class, but simply designates the student’s course preferences for the College to carry out planning.

For more information about the CRS, please see the following: Course Request System Instructions (Student).

Part II:

Students submit an Academic Contract no later than 5 p.m. on the second Wednesday of classes (or Thursday if the second week of classes begins with Labor Day).

Students who have not cleared their account balances by the fifth day of classes may have their registration canceled. Students whose registration is canceled and then reinstated beginning the first day of classes will be assessed a $50 late registration fee.

Registration charges may be viewed in NewCLEIS any time after the block courses have been added by the Office of the Registrar. However, complete invoices become available online and are mailed from the Business Office in mid-January for the Spring term and in Mid-July for the Fall term.

Textbooks can be purchased through the New College of Florida bookstore.

For more information about registration, see the General Catalog, pages 87-88.

For 5th Contract Students:

For more information, see the General Catalog, page 93.

Early Graduation Information: see the General Catalog, page 99.

For 6th Contract Students:

For more information, see the General Catalog, page 94.

For Thesis Students:

Note: to change committee members, resubmit Thesis Prospectus Form signed by the new committee members, up to two weeks before Baccalaureate Exam. For more information, see the General Catalog, page 98.

For more information on the thesis, see the General Catalog, pages 94-99.

Leave of Absence and Withdrawal:

For more information, see the General Catalog, pages 102-104.

Off-Campus Study:

For complete information on off-campus study, please visit the off-campus study page.

Certification Requests:

biographical forms

Fill out this form to change your legal name, preferred name, preferred pronouns, and/or gender designation to be reflected on your New College of Florida official academic records.

Go here to update your permanent address. (Note: you must be logged in to your myNCF account to view this form.)

For more information about FERPA, please see page 11 of the New College of Florida Regulations Manual.